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Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Club Book Review: Capital by John Lanchester

The book choice for the month of March at Book Club was Capital by John Lanchester

This was a mammoth book of almost 600 pages to get finished in the month .... but I managed to read it by cramming a bit more reading in, to finish it in time for my Book Club meet up this week.

Capital is a modern day story about Pepys Road in London and the lives of each of the people living and working on that Road. Someone starts to torment the residents in the street by starting a "We Want What You Have" smear campaign and the police become involved and the story leaves you wondering the whole way through who the person responsible is.

What I found really interesting was how the characters were portrait by one person but then when you read the chapter that's about them you see them for who they really are and why they act they way they do and see them in a totally different light. Like, how a girl can see a guy who is breaking up with her compared to what the guy is thinking as it's happening. Or how a son sees his Mum, and how the Mum sees the son. I loved the insights and comparisons.
I really enjoyed the story, it was easy to read, funny and engaging. Even though there were multiple characters it was written in a way to make you remember who they were so you could fall straight back into their lives and stories. Some characters I really liked and warmed to more than others. My only qualm is that it was quite a long book, and I wished it was a bit shorter.
I would recommend this book to most people, young and old, male and female, it's an interesting story into the different cultures and people that live in London (and the world!) in this modern day.
I give this book 4 stars out of 5.

Jarrah Jungle's Star Rating:
1 Bad - I'd rather eat brussel sprouts topped with anchovies than read this again
2 Not Good - I'd rather watch re-runs of Neighbours than read this again
3 Ok - I'm sitting on the fence - its not great but not terrible either
4 Good - I'd pass up a pack of tim tams for this read
5 Great - I'd pass up a date with Johnny Depp for this read

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  1. Sounds really interesting! I'll definitely have to check it out! I love seeing things (or trying to see them) from different perspectives. It sounds pretty cool that it's written with that in mind :]

    1. It was written really well jumping from the character to how others saw the character. I think you'd enjoy it Sarah :)


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