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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clearing The Backyard And Reno Rubble

We have a pretty big backyard for a suburban home, but we've only landscaped half of it .... the area that runs off from the patio area.

The other side of the backyard has been sectioned off with a brush wood fence that runs the length of the patio so that we don't have to look at the big block of land and wonder what the heck we are going to do with it!

We did a bit of backyard pimping late last year and replaced this tatty old fence with shade cloth.
Now the time has come to also clear the block of land which has become a dumping ground for all the rubble from our house renovations.

We have had everything including the kitchen sink dragged out of the house and dumped here. From our bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, the old roof tiles when we did the roof restoration, you name it this was the place to dump it!

We have had our fair share of skip bins as well and disposed of as much rubble as we could over the years but these big chunks of bricks and leftover limestone blocks from the front courtyard were just too heavy for us to lift ourselves .... and as you can see Lexi the site manager isn't really much help when it comes to manual labour!

So we hired a bob cat driver and truck for about an hour, he came and picked up the rest of the rubble and dumped it in his truck to take away to be disposed of.
We are lucky enough to have space along side our house that is wide enough for trucks to get down, as this will eventually become the driveway for the house at the back when we subdivide the land and build.
Come on down mate and take our rubble away!


It took less than an hour for them to collect all the bricks, tiles and rubble and dump it into their truck. He levelled the ground out as best he could and then off he went covered in sand and dust!

Now we have a clean slate and can start to think about what we are going to do with the block .... the plan is to subdivide and either sell the land for someone to build their dream house on or we will have a go at building a house ourselves.

There's lots of big decisions to be made this year and maybe even an end to the Jarrah Jungle renovations .... yes that's right we might actually finish renovating this year and finally throw that house warming party!

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  1. It's exciting having a clean slate isn't it.

    1. You're right its such a good feeling and much easier to visualise the future plans for the yard too :)

  2. Wow, that sure is a quick way to get rid of a bunch of stuff! I am so excited, Spring will be here in 10 days and we are having some warmer temps, so I have been doing a little yard work in the back... it is so relaxing and I love gardening. C'mon Spring!

    1. Yes I just wish we had done it sooner, we wanted it gone for Christmas but they got so busy we had to wait until the New Year! Yay for Spring bet you cant wait to get outside in the sunshine. We are now in Autumn here and I plan to do some gardening as well, without the summer heat killing all my plants!

  3. I bet your glad to be almost done renovating! I'll miss your before and after reveals though! You guys have done such a great job!

    1. Thanks Ashley I think it will be bitter sweet finishing the renovations, but whether we build a home next or renovate another, Ill continue to share my home love on the blog :) Thanks for your support x

  4. Looks like one thing off your check list. Something like getting my ribbon drawer cleaned up. Thanks for coming by to see it. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with your clean slate. Is it warm during the winter there too? We are trying to have spring here. Been a bull of a winter. Going to hit 70°F today, then snow tomorrow. We have a saying in Kentucky- if you don't like the weather just hang around a day or 2.

    1. Yes always good to tick the jobs off the never ending to do list! It is still pretty warm here even in the winter, we never get snow and rarely minus temps. I hope the sunshine comes out for you very soon :)

  5. I reckon you should subdivide and build on it yourself. Think of the blog fodder. I love popping in to see what you are doing next. You guys have so much energy and its great to see all the projects you do.

    1. Haha yes that is true Carolyn I would have a heap of blog posts to share on the building process. Whether we build or move on and renovate another home I will always have a love for blogging and sharing my adventures here, Im not going anywhere :)


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