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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Roof Restoration

The Friday's Letters link up isn't happening at Adventures of Newlyweds this week but I'm still going to do my letters because I'm hooked I love to do a weekly recap of the happenings in my little world.
I'm imagining this weeks letters are written from this very flowery feminine home office and I'll be writing in my cute notebook and sipping on a freshly squeezed juice
Dear Roof Restoration - You are now finished and look bloody fantastic! I've had neighbors come and tell me the house looks brand new and they'd better start cleaning up their place! I'm more than impressed.
Dear Garage Door - Second time lucky you are now installed and locked up and secure. They say good things are worth waiting for and you sure look good to me.
Dear Cruise Holiday - You are less than 3 weeks away now I am ready for a holiday. I still need to buy some things from my wish list so I'd better find some time to hit the shops soon.
Dear Sunday Trading - It is embarrassing how far behind the rest of the world we are here in Perth but hooray for finally letting us go to the shops on a Sunday. I don't have to cram everything into a Saturday anymore so thanks.
Dear Mr P - For your Birthday this week we had cake, beer, pub meal, beer, movies in style la premier, and you guessed it more beers. Happy Birthday baby, you are the love of my life and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

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  1. Hooray! Post some pics of the new roof and door - can't wait to see the finished product! And yes - FINALLY - only 22 years later than the rest of Australia - we've got Sunday trading!

  2. What a boost having neighbours tell you the place looks great! Can't wait to see the photos. All these exciting things happening in your life at the mo - roof finished, garage done, about to go on your amazing cruise holiday... many many many YAY's!!

  3. I can't wait to see the finish product when ou're all done restoring your house! Have a great weekend. :)

  4. Can't wait to see pics of the house now!

    How the hell will you cope the next 3 weeks? HOW EXCITING!!! How long are you going for?

  5. The power of roof restoration :D Haha! You’ve set a great example to your neighbors, Michelle. Good job and congratulations on your newly restored roof! Not only will it make your whole house look brand new, but you will also remain to be protected from strong winds, the sun’s UV rays, and the erratic weather. Now, your roof is more durable and, hopefully, it will be able to serve your family for a long time.

    Rufus Mcclure

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of the outcome of your full restoration especially the roof and garage door! Can't wait to read all the updates.

    repairs roof

  7. With the new roofs on, no wonder why your house looks like new. Not only did something good for yourself, but you also inspired your neighbors to start fixing up their places too. With regular maintenance, your roof will surely maintain its good condition for a time beyond its supposed lifespan.

    -Tiffany Larsen

  8. Seeing your roof fully restored is already a great feeling. What more if the neighbors tell you that they want the same result? You'll be able to tell yourself that you made a good decision for the restoration and all the money you allotted for it was worth it!

    Allyson Sunde


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