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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Vintage Candle Holders And Vases

You all know I love to throw a good party right ..... dinner parties, tour de fridge and the biggest party of them all so far was my engagement party!

I think all good parties should start with a theme and my engagement party had a vintage theme with bunting, bird cages, tea pots and blackboard signs a plenty.  

But a party isn't complete without fresh flowers and pretty candles so I took on the task of making my own vintage candle holders and vases using recycled jars and bottles and some pretty ribbons, twine and lace which suited the vintage theme perfectly. 

I spent a few dollars on ribbons, the rolls of twine I already had and the yellow striped twine came in my decorator pack from The Kit Source.

The vintage lace and some other ribbons were given to me by my Mum. 

The ribbons were easy to tie around the glass and for the lace I stuck this on with double sided tape but it didn't hold its stick very well so next time I'll use a hot glue gun.

All my friends and family were on a mission to save their empty jars for me in different shapes and sizes and after I'd removed the labels and put them through the dishwasher they were sparkling clean and ready to be decorated. 

I decorated about 50 jars in total and they created such a pretty ambiance both inside and outside the party venue.

I wish I had some photos to show you but unfortunately I didn't take any of them in action so you will just have to take my word for it!

Some of the jars were filled with sand and a tea light candle and placed outside. They looked beautiful in front of the entrance doors sitting on a little table. I also put them on both sides of the steps leading into the venue which created a real entrance.

For the candle jars being used inside I used LED battery candles so they didn't set the smoke alarms off! I placed them in groups on all the tables and leading up the inside steps inside the venue.

The remaining jars, mostly the extra large and tall skinny bottles were perfect to use as vases.

I went to the Beaufort Street florist and picked up some cheap bunches of yellow, white and blue flowers and together with a bucket full of greenery picked from my Mum's garden I was ready for some flower arranging. 

Lucky for me a very talented friend stepped in and filled each vase with flowers and greenery - I have now enlisted her help with making our flower bouquets for the wedding!

The outside candle jars are currently on the outside table under the patio and I light them whenever we're sitting out there having a BBQ or drinks with friends. 

The inside candle jars and vases are in a box put away for the next party or I may even reuse them at the wedding!

I bet you'll never look at a sauce jar the same again right, I know even now I feel guilty throwing  empty jars in the bin!

Have you tackled any thrifty projects lately?

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[All images my own]

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  1. You are seriously SO creative. I love everything you've done for this engagement party and you have definitely put the time in for such great details.

    1. Thanks so much Carrie it was a lot of fun adding these special touches. I have a few new projects coming up for the wedding which I"ll be sharing too :)


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