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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

He Popped The Question - Engagement Party Gift Bags

I have a creative project on the blog today on making personalised gift bags, these party bag kits would be great for Birthday parties, Christmas gifts, all kinds of celebrations.

As soon as our engagement invitations and stationary were sorted and I had the number of RSVPs I moved onto the next project which was to make gift bags for all our guests.

Pinterest has so many great ideas for this kind of thing and the He Popped The Question popcorn bags were just too adorable to resist for a pair of popcorn lovers like us! 

Thanks so much to Avery for providing some of their celebrations range products for review including these party bag kits which were perfect for this project!

The party bag kit comes with small clear sealable bags and white adhesive toppers that you personalise online and print out.

For the design of the toppers I followed the same process as I did for the invitations and address labels.

On the Design and Print section of the website I entered the product code and then copied the design of the invitations over to the toppers so they matched. I played around with the font size and style until I was happy with it.

The toppers print both sides so I had Peter popped the question .... Michelle said yes on one side and then Thank you for celebrating with us and the date of our party on the other.

Now to fill the bags with popcorn, I researched some bulk popcorn providers and ended up getting the popcorn from Gourmet Popcorn at the Fremantle Markets after having a taste test of their delicious salted caramel popcorn ..... so tasty!

I worked it out that I would need 80g per bag but this turned out to be way too much. Instead of the 5kg I ordered I really only needed half of that and 2kg would have been plenty to do the 80 bags. The popcorn cost $20 per kilo.

With the leftover popcorn I bagged it up in large snap lock bags and handed it out to friends and family and anyone else that would take it!

I filled each bag with a cup or so of popcorn, pushed all the air out of the bag and removed the adhesive strip to seal the bags. It's really good that the bags are sealable as they kept the popcorn fresh and secure.

Once the bags were sealed the toppers could be attached.

The toppers had a strong adhesive on them and I worked out the best way to attach them was to fold the topper backwards (away from the sticky!) so they would bend on the perforated edge and they would then fold neatly around either side of the bag.

As the adhesive was sticking to plastic if it stuck on a bit crooked it was easy to peel off and re-attach. They were quite forgiving really!

Now for the hole in the topper just to finish them off, for half I tied a piece of ribbon and for the other half I tied a piece of string.

That was all there was too it, they were now all bagged up and ready to go.

I made up the bags the day before the party to make sure the popcorn kept as fresh as possible. The popcorn was also made fresh and collected the same day.

I'm lucky I had some friends to help me with this project, from picking up the popcorn to making up the bags, we had a bit of a production line going to get them bagged quickly to keep them fresh.

I filled baskets with the party bags and had them on the gift table at the engagement party.

I made sure everyone went home with a party bag and by the end of the night the baskets were empty there was not even one popcorn kernel left which is a good sign!

Now tell me honestly did you get it straight away: Popped the question ..... Popcorn?!

There were more than a few "Ooooohhhhhhhh I get it!" on the night but I think some people still didn't really get it!

Maybe they just thought we really like popcorn, which we do!!

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Disclosure: Thanks very much to Avery Australia (Celebrations With Avery) for providing these party bag kits for review. I have not received any payment or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I had no idea Avery sold little bags like that with tags on the top. Oh, these are so cute and what a great idea... who doesn't love popcorn? I would have had a hard time deciding on what type of popcorn to fill them with!

    1. Yes they have a heap of really great celebrations products like place cards, tags, etc too. These bags would work well with lollies or chocolates too :)

  2. That is a really cute idea! I would totally go for this idea when I get the chance haha



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