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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Custom 'Jarrah Jungle' Art From Minted

I had a gift voucher to use at Minted which is a website where independent artists and designers can showcase their art, stationary, fabrics, homewares and more.

There's a huge variety to choose from and because you can personalise a lot of the items as well it makes it even harder to narrow it down. I spent hours looking through everything, the cards and invitations look amazing too and they'll even send you free samples!

I picked out these adorable straw flags for my engagement party, they were just too cute to resist and looked fantastic on the drinks table at the party!

Now what I was really interested in was the art.

Minted has hundreds of different artists and styles of art to choose from in the art marketplace and I narrowed it down by searching under the Custom Art Prints category so I could personalised the art by changing the colours and adding text.

I had a very special idea in mind for this art. As the laundry is the very last room to renovate inside our home I decided to do an ode to the Jarrah Jungle my blog namesake and my home and have some custom art named  'Jarrah Jungle'  for the laundry.

Here are some designs I played around with ....

And the winner is .....  Summer Pickled Poppies by the very talented Kelli Hall

Once I was happy with the art I could select the size, I went for A4 so it was large enough to be seen but not too big that framing it would be difficult. Most of the art comes in a variety of sizes.

As for the frame, you can have it framed or unframed and there were some really great frames to pick from and reasonably priced too but with shipping to Australia it was better to get it unframed so the shipping was just standard postage and then frame it myself.

It took me a while but I finally found the perfect box style frame for it from Spotlight for under $20. I love how it gives the art a real gallery type look.

Once framed I found a home for the art in the laundry, although I haven't committed to hanging it on the wall just yet, for now I love to see it leaning on the laundry bench it adds just the right pop of colour to the room.

I feel very special having my own piece of customised Jarrah Jungle art!

It won't be long until I can show you a proper 'after' blog post of the laundry renovation, we still have some doors to hang and paint, shelves to install, and a mirror to find and then we'll be done!

Have you added any new art to your home lately?

Disclosure: Thanks very much to Minted for providing me with a gift voucher. I have not received any payment or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[1st image via Minted, 3, 4, 5 images personalised by me, all other images my own]

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  1. Love it! I'm wanting to give my bedroom a huge makeover while hubby is at sea this month. I'm not entirely sure where to start but updating the artwork above our bed might be a great place.

    1. There is something for everyone at Minted Rach Im sure you'll find something for the bedroom :)

  2. I love it and that's a great price too! I have a problem with buying/ making too many things for the house lol I'm running out of space!

    1. Yes I know the feeling! My walls are getting too full I have nowhere to hang more art, but leaning it on furniture works well :)

  3. Those little flags for the straws are too cute. I really like the mason jar print with the poppies and it looks even better and polished framed!

    1. There are so many things to chose from Carrie, you will spend hours going through all the pretty things!


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