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Friday, March 20, 2015

Hallway Updates: Black & White Photo Gallery Wall

My black and white photo gallery wall in the hallway has evolved over the years as I find more photos I want to frame and add to it.

I had to work around the frames that were already hung as there were hooks drilled into the walls and there was no way I could ask Mr P to take them out after all the convincing I had to do that I would never ever ever in a million years want to move the frames around ..... Hey a girl can change her mind right!

Luckily with this kind of casual layout frames can be added pretty easily and I've managed to work the frames into a pretty good jigsaw to fit more in.

One side of the wall has photos of my friends and family and the other side is Mr P's.

I'm looking forward to adding to it again when we get our engagement party photos printed and framed and then we'll need space for the wedding happy snaps too!

How do you display your photos at home?

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  1. I really love gallery walls, but it always takes me forever to finish them. Yours looks great and I really like the black frames and how one side is for you and the other side is for Mr. P!

    1. Agree Carrie, I played around with mine for months changing the layout around until I was happy with it enough to get the hooks and drill out! I got all my photo frames together and spray painted them black :)

  2. I'm laughing as I read this - I have had those same conversations with my husband -- I'll NEVER want to change it, ha ha! Anyway, your gallery wall looks great!

    1. Its funny because its true hey Amy! The joys of home decorating!!

  3. I love a black and white photo gallery and think adding to it as time goes by is the best way to go. Gorgeous.


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