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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Pin Up Girl Art Is Up

Remember these retro pin up girl posters I bought a little while ago?

Well I've been carrying around a piece of paper cut the same size so I could find the right frame to suit them. What do you know Ikea came to the rescue, I bought these simple black frames with a white matt for $25 each. I also got to use my rent cheque and got $15 off which was a bonus.

The space above the tallboy is where they need to go as the big blank wall has been boring me for way too long. I decided to centre them on the wall, rather than centre above the tallboy (which is further to one side) and I'm happy with how they look hanging close together and taking centre stage. And the fourth one that was a little different, more seductive than cheeky pin up, is hung on the opposite wall near the door.

I'm so happy I finally have my own pin up art up and at a fraction of the cost of the ones that inspired me at the art gallery

Gallery Art $395 each Vs My DIY Art $33.20 each

Posters @ $11.95 x 4 = $47.80
Frames @ $25 x 4 = $100 - $15 Ikea cheque = $85
Total for 4 = $132.80

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  1. They look fantastic! Yay for Ikea having some good cheap frames, sometimes thats the hardest part finding the right size I reckon.

  2. They look great Michelle! I loved those prints when you shared them and love them even more now they're framed and hanging up. Ikea have a great range of reasonably priced frames :)

  3. Wow, they look great. Very glam x

  4. Thanks fir visiting our site and leaving a comment Michelle. Love these retro prints. The hardest part of a gallery wall is finding the right art. You did a fantastic job here

  5. Hey, Awesome prints! Was wondering where abouts you got the poster prints from?! I have been looking for something just like these to put up in our newly renovated bathroom! Cheers, Im having fun looking at someone elses reno's for once!


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