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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shoe closet envy

I watched Sex in the City 2 this week and am subsequently suffering shoe closet envy. Since the first movie Carrie's dream wardrobe has been divided into his and hers (much like myself, having to SHARE a wardrobe for the first time ever!). This pic shows Carrie's most fabulous heels are kept in a glass cabinet on shelves fitted with lights to make them shine in their utmost glory.

Being an Aussie suburbian chick I never thought it could be possible to have something remotely close to that sassy Manhattan showcase .... that was until I started renovating! The plan is to convert the hallway cupboard into my very own shoe haven (squeal!). Thanks Carrie for unleashing my inner shoe-obsessed self from a dream into a reality.

[Image via] Pin It Now!

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