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Friday, January 6, 2012

Start The Car Sale

I was crazy enough to visit Ikea this week, yes on school holidays, and in the midst of the January sales. That place does it to me everytime I walk in and before I know it 3 hours has gone by and I have a trolley full of items to try to fit into my car boot!

I paid just under $130 for all this stuff and everything was on sale except for the retro ssshh print and white pot plant holders. They don't call me the bargain queen for nothing :)

The white pot plant holders I had on my Ikea wish list from last time I went but they were sold out so I was happy they were in stock this time and happy to pay full price for them which was only $4.95, now I just need to decide what to use them for I've seen some really cool ideas

This blue pot plant holder was sold out last time as well so I was chuffed to see they were on sale for $7.95 this time. Hopefully it cheers up my little money plant which is looking a bit worse for wear at the moment.

The orange bin was reduced to $4.95 and retro ssshh art $19.95 are both going in the man cave which needs some splashes of orange to match the new light fitting

This black vase was a steal at $9.95 (was $50) but having no flowers to put in it, I turned it upside down and thought it would make a cool side table in the man cave. Perfect for a beer or magic eight ball to sit on! 

The guest room needed a bit of freshening up for summer with light coloured linen and this queen doona set with 4 pillowcases set me back a mere $12.95

This black ornate frame was my most expensive purchase at $35 (reduced from $45) and I have a bit of a project in mind for this one using my leftover wallpaper

Have you visited Ikea lately? Did you nab any bargains?

[All images my own other than Skurar Pot via Ikea, Plaza Interiors and Ikea Hackers]
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  1. Love it all!! I've been eyeing off the Shhh print but have no walls left to put it on. I might find one.

    I love the frame and nearly bought the mirror version of that.

    Your haul is very 'start the car' worthy:)

  2. Phew, you go girl! We got my sister that frame but in the mirror version for Christmas. I was actually thinking of them as mirrors for your bathroom! I try not to go to Ikea too often because I see too much cool stuff I could buy for the kids to use at school.

    I did get some bargains today at FCUK, two pairs of leggings and a tunic dress for $51.90. Full price would have been $149.85. Most happy about that!


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