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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Keeping The Bachelorette Pad

My bachelorette pad has been up for sale for a couple of months and the market is not looking good in Western Australia people just don't seem to want to buy - there was a marketing campaign by a great real estate company, home opens every weekend, all that time and effort and there was only 1 offer. So I've decided to keep it and rent it out but I want a new plan - not just a basic rental but I've been toying with the idea of furnishing it to claim a higher rent return and it would be a fun project to furnish the bedrooms, living area, dining area and balcony.

You can get some good furniture packages and I could source some of the furniture second hand from Gumtree or somewhere like that. I have some pieces I could put in there that don't fit in the Jarrah Jungle. But I don't want it to look to bitsa, I want it to look modern and attract some swish city dwellers.  Hmmmmm just an idea ...

Do you think its worth furnishing a rental?

[Images 1-4 Fantastic Furniture and 5-8 SuperAmart ]
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  1. That's a really good question. I don't know. It would be good if you were targetting uni students and young people. But a hinderous if you end up attracting someone who already has their stuff. Plus the wear and tear on the furniture. Interesting question! What do the experts in the real estate world say?
    I LOVE Fantastic Furniture for getting a new look at low cost. LOVE it. And you can't beat their package deals. At their prices you only have to get five years out of it to make it worth your while ...

  2. Well hey if youre looking to rent it out fast my bf and I are looking for sth similar to what you have! Where is it? Also friends of ours are considering moving and they have pretty much what you have, but they want furnished n we dont - some prospects for you if youre interested!

  3. I received a huge amount of interest for the place and found tenants who didn't need it furnished in the end. I wish you luck in finding a place :)

  4. we'll need luck! bf was talking to a real estate agent the other day who was saying there is a huge amount of demand for rentals atm - for a house thats being shown next week theres already 120 expressions of interest, and shes expecting 50-60 applications! Shes even already got one 2 weeks in advance for a property offering $50 more a week than advertised! Crazy.

  5. Furnishing Airbnb house can attract more guests as old and tiresome furniture expected, and guests can find it everywhere so if you transform your property from monotonous to alluring then you will be distinguishable from the rest. Sticking to a theme can be tough on your budget sometimes but at the same time just adding furniture with designing can make a deal.


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