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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jarrah Jungles Top 10 Projects of 2011

As we kick into a new year I've been thinking back on how much we've done at home aka in the Jarrah Jungle in 2011 as we continue to turn our 1960s renovators delight house into a home. Here's my top 10 projects for 2011 in no particular order, although if I had to pick I'd say No.5 the shoe cupboard is pretty high on my dreams coming true list :)

1. Living Room Renovated - This room renovation was a  huge 2 month job - we removed the air conditioner, lifted the ceiling, restored the floorboards, painted a media wall and everything else, bought a new rug, leather couches and coffee table which you can read more about here


2. Outdoor Dining Area - I made the executive decision to move our dining area outside under the patio to allow for french doors to be installed to go out onto the deck (a project for 2012). We bought a new 8 seater outdoor dining setting and we hosted a dinner party outside with great success which you can see more of here and no doubt  more of those to come in 2012!


3. My Bar Fish Tank - With the dining area cleared away we moved the wine buffet into the dining area against the wall and the fish tank on top and I then had fun sourcing bar accessories for the fish tank and set it up with a bar theme, you can see more of my aquascaping here


4. Man Cave Renovated - The 4th and final bedroom was renovated, floorboards restored, everything painted, bought a recliner couch, rugs and new blinds which you can see more before and afters here. As the name suggests I haven't been allowed to decorate this room and besides the furniture its looking pretty plain so enough is enough - time to get my hands on this room and get it finished!
Still in progress

5. Install a shoe cupboard and have my Carrie Bradshaw dreams come true - I converted the hallway cupboard to a shoe cupboard with shelving so I can see my shoes at a glance and pick the right shoe with the right outfit each time. Yes I'm a very lucky girl!


6. Customised The Hallway Cupboards With Wallpaper and New Handles - The awesome buy we found in Amsterdam of rolls of wallpaper for $5 euros a roll was put to good use on the hallway cupboards which got a face lift with the wallpaper and new handles


7. Black and White Photo Wall Put up in Hallway - After picking out my favourite photos and printing them in black & white and collecting enough black frames I hung up a wall of photos and I intend to add to this wall in 2012


8. Backyard Pimping - Veggie and Herb Gardens and Lawn- The backyard was in desperate need of some attention and we cleared the weeds and set up some garden beds for a vegetable and herb garden beds. I'm growing tomatoes, leek, spring onion, carrots, rocket, garlic chives, lettuce, sage, coriander, parsley and basil. We also had an epic lawn laying weekend and laid about 70m2 of lawn in the backyard which is growing really well despite the hot summer sun.

In Progress

9. Art for Master Bedroom - I found some retro art prints which I framed for the master bedroom and you can read more about it here


10. Bathroom Renovation - Its not quite finished yet the shower screen doors are still to be installed and towel racks, mirrors and new light/heater etc. But it has come a hell of a way since we designed it, bought the glass basins, custom made vanity with granite bench top, shower box, removed the old window and installed a new clear one which gave us a surprise view of the tree tops, tiling floor to ceiling you can see how it was before then from this to now.

I did get my Christmas wish of being able to shower inside after 8 weeks of washing in the granny flat and laundry with a few mishaps thrown in for fun

Almost After

Woah that means the kitchen, laundry and powder room are all that is remaining inside - can we get them finished in 2012? Hmmm we'll have to wait and see.

I hope you've enjoyed my top projects for 2011, you can check out last years top projects here
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  1. I love to look back and see all the work that was accomplished in a year. Things have slowed down here for us...the first 5 years were CRAZY at this house. I didn't blog back then! This is the 3rd house we've renovated...we are TIRED of renovating!! lol Your place is looking really great...keep up the good work!

  2. I love that you got a shoe wardrobe! Lucky you!!


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