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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reversing Issues And A Draftsman

The excitement of the exterior of the house getting a complete overhaul with render and paint, the garage extension now finished and the shiny new roof topping it all off still greets me every time I walk up to the house.

But I'm now keen to start on the front of the house design and get the driveway in, lots of retaining to hold it all up and a brick/timber look fence creating a courtyard around the front of the house.
The driveway with crumbled concrete
And boggy sand 
The driveway is a mess of crumbled slabs from the concrete trucks and skip bins being used throughout the garage extension. I have to use ramps to get my car in and out of the garage which is a pain in the butt - I can't reverse at the best of times, never mind reversing onto a skinny plank of wood!
We were recently told our neighbors are planning to build a house at the back of their house (retain and build) and want us to do our driveways together because they are on such a lean. Theirs leans onto ours which means when they turn their sprinklers on our driveway gets covered in sand and water which is annoying and needs to be rectified - running the driveways together as one will improve this it's hoped. Ideally, we would wait for the neighbors to be ready to build and then pour the driveway at the same time but that will be 1+ year away and we can't wait that long we are ready for a driveway now - see reversing issues above!
A member from the local Council came to our house to talk about the neighbors plans and helped us by putting pegs in at the depth of which our driveway will need to be laid. While we're happy to work with the neighbors we do need to get things moving for ourselves as well.

So the next step for us is to find a Draftsman to draw the plans for the driveway, retaining walls and brick/timber fence so we can submit it to the Council for approval. Whilst our garage took over a year to be approved it's hoped that this will be a smaller and more straightforward approval and shouldn't take as long.

I have searched Gum Tree (the Aussie version of Craiglist) and contacted a few Draftsman advertising to see if they are interested in the job.

The unimpressed look I have when reversing 
except nowhere near as glamorous!

Fingers crossed we find someone this month so we can get the plans into the Council before the Christmas break.

[Images 1 and 2 my own, 3rd Image via my Pinterest]
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