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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Fishy Friends

In my bar fish tank I've added a few more bottles and steins to give the fish more places to hide and swim around
My fishy friends are 2 angel fish, 2 spotted catfish, an algae eater and a striped clown loach that loves to lay upside down and play dead freaking me out each time I see it!

This wine buffet has come in so handy not only does it hold the fish tank, but we have set up the coffee machine on one side and a bar tray on the other so its the morning caffeine station and evening wine station!

I never tire of watching my fishy friends swim around and it's always a great conversation piece when friends are over!

Have you ever thought about having pet fish?
They are the easiest pets to look after!

[All images my own]

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  1. We recently sold our 6x2x2, 5ft and our 4ft tanks in preparation for our move next year. We gave all our fish away on a fish forum, they got taken by the first person who called us, a guy who has a house full of tanks, so it's nice to know that they've gone to a good home.

    We now only have one 6x2x2 tank left with one fish in it, that we will be keeping until we move next year!

    Your tank is looking great but one suggestion? Please consider getting another couple of Clown Loaches, they are extremely social fish and should really be kept in groups of no less than 3, add another couple in and you'll see your current one come to life, swimming around more and playing.


  2. Your tank looks so interesting and fun! I'm sure the fish have the best time there. I had a tank once too, years ago but don't any more :( I just scrolled up again to look at the tank - it looks great!

  3. I have never had pet fish my eldest daughter tried once but the fish died within a week so she gave

    There is a large fish tank at the nursing home and my niece loves to watch them each week we visit.......

  4. I always had fish when I was a child. I loved watching them swim and feed. Your tank looks really good!

  5. LOVE your tank! What a fun idea!
    I've always thought aquariums were really cool.
    I've had a few betta fish, and really enjoyed them. My first was a leftover centerpiece from a friend's beach-themed wedding. He wasn't pretty (for a betta), and had this little bulldog face, and we named him Gill after the fish in "What About Bob?" He used to follow our fingers, get excited when we walked in the door, and jumped for treats. He was the best, and, sadly, I've never found another little fish like him.
    I hope you have an awesome week!

  6. It looks great, I bet the fish are loving their new play things. Love the morning caffeine and evening alcohol stations as well! I've never been a fan of fish, never had them as a child and always freak out about the possibility of them dying on me. I'm sure that's just a fish stereotype but I am just not a fan of dead things.

  7. Oh, this makes me miss our fish tank but it was making our electiricty bill SO BIG! The lady in customer service asked if we'd gotten one as soon as I rang to complain. So, if you notice a difference it'll be the fish. I couldn't beleieve how much power it was using.

  8. The water in your tank is so clear which reminds me that I have to clean my tank. Another thing for the to do list which never seems to end.

    I had lots of plants in my tank at one stage but my silver dollar keeps eating them so now there is none. I've been considering evicting him for the last 12 months but just can't seem to bring myself o do it.

    Your tank is lovely.


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