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Monday, March 25, 2013

Blogging Your Way E Course - Blog Boss Week 3

I'm now over the half way point of the Blog Boss course and into Week 3.
The homework for this week was to dream big and express how we want our dream blog to look and feel. Some clever bloggers in class did digital mood boards where as mine was a big long list in boring ole bullet point form. I really want to get more tech savvy and learn more graphic design and photo programs to create digital mood boards etc - what graphic/mood board/photo programs do you use ?
There were some sessions on organising ideas and I've now started an ideas notebook that I keep at home for all my post ideas, no matter how big or small I jot them down so I don't forget about them and can stay organised. I'm constantly thinking of different blog posts when I'm out shopping, or in the shower, or sitting at my desk at work so I find this tip really useful!
There was a bit of business discussion about earning money through blogging with advertising and products and services. This is something I'm going to spend some time researching as I would really like to venture into this. I don't think it's something I want to rush into, I need to get my blog looking how I want it to and will then approach some businesses (some have already approached me!) and see if we can work together.

Lessons on how to approach a business I found really helpful as I want to start doing this with the big renovations I'm tackling like my kitchen renovation. It's easy to send an email but to walk into a shop with a proposal I know I'm going to get all hot and flushed and nervous about what to say! I've made lots of notes about this lesson which I'll be putting into practice in the next few weeks. I have a bit of analysing to do, critiquing and basically learning to be the editor in chief of my blog.

What I love about this course is a lot of emphasis is put on being happy and doing the things that you love which just reinstates to me time and time again that I absolutely love blogging, I love to write and interact with all the lovely readers out there, meet inspiring bloggers and drool over their lovely blogs and spaces. You guys are awesome you make me feel so happy and content when you comment and read my blog and likewise I get so much joy reading about what is happening in your space in the world. I smile at the computer screen like an idiot - thank god you can't see me!
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  1. I am so liking your reviews of this course. My advise on working with just have to ask, they can only say no.

  2. I've enjoyed this week's lessons too (although I am a tad behind)... lots of ideas and inspiration. Blogging should definitely be a happy task... if it becomes a chore, there's no enjoyment, at least that's how I see things :)

    Have a great week ahead lovely! x

  3. I agree blogging should be a happy task rather than a chore. So when I feel that I HAVE to write a post, I hesitate, and don't. I go and read instead till the mojo comes back. xxx

  4. I love hearing all about your course! x


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