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Monday, March 11, 2013

Blogging Your Way Ecourse - Blog Boss Week 1

The long awaited Blogging Your Way e-course kicked off last week and I have never been happier to be a student!
I found myself sitting on my bed with the laptop ala Carrie Bradshaw watching the web casts and reading through the student forum of bloggers introducing themselves. So many students from all across the world and a few from Australia too which I'm happy about it's always great to meet some fellow bloggers closer to home.
Week 1 was a bit of reading, interacting with the other students, and some blog pimping our blog bios and main page. Thinking like a boss there were also topics on life/work balance, working from home, and when to ask for help.
I did the homework on the first day being the nerd I am! It was a to do list that we had to post onto the forum - putting it on the forum for everyone to see definitely makes me more inclined to get things done and make some changes. My to do list is printed and stuck on my fridge at home as a reminder of what my goals are.

I've never done an online course before and after a bit of clicking around the website it makes sense to me now, the layout and how we will interact with one another and how we will be taught from Holly and the other teachers. Straight from the get go Holly has been professional friendly and engaging.

I can't wait to see what Week 2 brings!
[Image via Holly Decor8]
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  1. That sounds so interesting and I will watch your progress through the course with great interest.

  2. Sounds like great excersises and a fantastic way to mingle with like minded people.

  3. Sounds like fun and already very successful! I wish I had heard about it sooner. I'm doing an online photography course and I love it. All the material is available and I just work through them when I'm ready. Can't wait to see what you get up to in the 2nd week :)

  4. Not sure if you saw me online, but with the prompting of a friend who is doing the course too, we both signed up :) I'm loving it so far as well. I've done a course of Holly's before and find the format and content all very professional but also presented in such a friendly manner. See you in class! :)

  5. I haven't done an online course before but sounds like a great way to go. Look forward to hearing more about it. G

  6. I haven't done anything like that either--but it sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more!

  7. Glad to see I am not the only nerd when it comes to study!! I love the look of this course, will follow your progress with interest. Isn't it funny how, as adults, we rediscover the thrill of learning!


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