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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shiny Ceramic Stool Obsession

I have wanted a shiny ceramic stool to use as a side table for ages but haven't seen one under the $100 price tag. My inner Bargain Queen told me to hang in there and like a tiger stalking the prey I've been waiting on the sidelines for the right moment to claim my bargain ... sorry I'm reading Life of Pi and have tigers on the brain!
On my latest bargain shopping spree at The Reject Shop I spied their brochure on the counter and staring straight at me were ceramic stools with the amazing price of $40. Sadly, they didn't have any in that store so I rang around until I found a store that had some in stock and took myself shopping.
I figured at that price I could totally be greedy and get one in each colour .... but unfortunately there was only one white one left and it was marked. So I bought one red and one black not so greedy after all! 
The black stool I put in the Living Room styled with my favourite YHL book and I can't kill it it's fake terrarium :D
The red stool was made for the Man Cave it adds a bright pop of red and is the perfect perch for a beer and computer remote ... what more could a man need?
Have you scored any bargains recently?

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[All images my own. Catalogue image The Reject Shop]
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  1. They're great those stools aren't they? Such a great price, it's hard to stop at one ;) Try asking for a discount if you want the white one, worked for me (mine had a scratch).

  2. I can't believe that you found it for only $40.00! I have been looking at those in Ballard's and they are $$! Great find!

    Have a blessed and amazing day!

  3. These look perfect and way to score such a bargain!!


  4. ok, i'm going to put in a big ol' "that's SO NOT fair!!" i have been on the hunt for those for ages and nothing cheaper than $90 here. what an awesome score, girl!!

  5. super jealous! i'm always slow to trends, so of course last year i saw tons of these things, and now i can't find any! you're lucky, and these were a great price!

  6. Great buy, I bought a large glass dome with a black wooden base from Rave Discounts for $35. Now I need to buy a hall table for it to sit on. I hope you know the ones I mean they are in all the decorator magazines, usually with a fake bird, candle or flowers. xx

  7. I love garden stools! I bought a silver perforated one from a daily flash sale site. There's a white ceramic one at West Elm that I'm drooling over but I'm supposed to be holding back on my spending right now. Great buys you got for only $40!

  8. Hi there does anyone have any recent updates on where to find these amazing ceramic stools in Perth at the moment? Would be great if under the $100 price tag.

  9. Yes The Reject Shop is where you can find them, hopefully there are still some left!


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