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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fridays Letters - Dear Mum's 60th Birthday

I missed last Friday's Letters but I'm back into it again this week and sharing over at The Sweet Season why don't you head on over here and link up some letters too.
I'm imagining this weeks letters are written from this old school writing desk with its awesome wall art.
Dear Mum's 60th Birthday - You are the most beautiful Mum in the world your heart shines with kindness inside and out and you light up the room with your smile. I can't wait to spend the entire weekend with you celebrating with Birthday shenanigans!

Dear Big Bro's Birthday - Don't worry I haven't forgotten you either, I'll still have more than a few cheers with you too bro!

Dear Rottnest - I haven't been to Perth's favourite little island for years what a great place to spend a Birthday weekend.

Dear Sun - You better keep on shining this weekend so I can throw on the bikini for one last time before summer is well and truly over!

Dear Lexi - Week 9 and 10 and you are following the Mr around like a bad smell. Oh don't worry about me I'll just keep myself company on the couch while you go watch him shower. Yes we have a double shower. No you can't join him!

Dear Decor8 ecourse - Last week's content has really inspired me. I wish I had of enrolled in one of Holly's courses sooner she is a real inspiration and truth be told I  now have a bit of a girl crush :D
Dear Kitchen Renovation - The final measure was done this week I don't believe it that means the cabinets are officially being made. Right. This. Minute! Kitchen renovation here I come!
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  1. Hope your trip to Rottnest was amazing! Weather was in fine form this weekend :D:D


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