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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear MKR Dinner Party

I'm linking up my Friday's Letters over at The Sweet Season why don't you head on over here and link up some letters too.
I'm imagining I'm writing my letters from this awesome desk space with an entire black board wall for my hand written notes and musings.
Dear MKR Dinner Party - The first cook off is this weekend at a friends place - we are using score cards and everything it's going to be very serious dinner party .... Until the wine comes out!
Dear Lexi - Week 13 and you have had your first trip to the vet and $180 later I'm thinking you've been an expensive dog so far! Maybe it's a good idea to stop chasing stinging insects hey Lexi .... they hurt and made you sick!

Dear Mr P - Bringing home a big bunch of flowers for me this week was so sweet and romantic. It's such a small thing but I get all warm and fuzzy inside and can't wipe the smile off my face. I love getting flowers. But I love you more xxx

Dear Indian Take Away - This weeks delicious Indian takeaway certainly kicked ass on the usual Maccas burger takeaway binge. To have it home delivered by the owner because he lives nearby was even better. Jolly Good Indian you are now on speed dial!

Dear Outdoor Movie Night - I like a good movie night but the outdoor cinema was probably not the best location now we're into Autumn and it was spitting with rain! It was a beautiful night under the stars nonetheless and Kon-Tiki was a great adventure and true story to watch.

Dear Kitchen Renovation - Having the final kitchen plans signed this week makes my dream for a new kitchen all the more real. Need to get stuck into the action plan pretty soon! 


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  1. Thought I'd stop over and check out your blog. All I had to do was click to see a pic of that adorable pup of yours and you won over a new follower! I'm a sucker for a cute puppy. They're expensive but oh so worth it!!

  2. Naw this is so cute, I love this. And that workspace would actually be amazing, though perhaps a bit out of control note wise, I can imagine I would lose where I started lol.



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