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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Man Cave Art - Take Two

Early last year you might recall I framed a retro poster for the Man Cave and hung it on the wall only for the frame to come crashing down a few hours later taking a chunk of the wall with it .... it looked like this.

It has taken me almost a year but I finally managed to find the right frame this time - it needed to fit an A3 size poster and hang horizontally not vertically.

Kmart came to the rescue and for only $19 I found the perfect black frame. Funnily enough I was stopped by 2 different people on my way back to the car carrying the frame asking where I'd bought it from as they had been looking everywhere for one too!

The poster got wrinkled when it smashed to the ground so I went back and bought another one from Planet Books (they are such a bargain at $11.95).

I had to trim a bit off the edges of the poster for it to fit into the frame flat and smooth ... I can see why people find it impossible to find the right size frame for these posters!

With a bit of tweaking the poster is framed up and ready to hang on the wall. I really do love the cheekiness literally of this poster it's so fun.

It's very similar to the pin up girl art I have in the master bedroom.

So finally, the art is hung back on the wall where it belongs

Hopefully for good this time!

The Man Cave has had a bit of use lately with boys only late night game marathons and beers.

The cushions all end up thrown onto the floor though ... typical boys!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Well done on finding the perfect frame. Looks like the perfect artwork for a man cave with stylish cushions I might add.

  2. I just had to frame 5 posters for a client... they were all different sizes! I had the measurements, so I was prepared...and then I figured out that the actual opening sizes are not what was printed on the frames. Very frustrating! I also had to trim a couple of the posters...they turned out great. Yours looks good Michelle!

  3. Your man lets you put cushions in his man cave!! The tolerance of young men. :-) When we did up Mr K's office/cigar lounge, he would have killed me if I put cushions in there. Guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.

    Love the poster, good project.

  4. Good job on finding the perfect frame. Love the pin up!


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