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Monday, April 29, 2013

Holidaying At Home

This week I was meant to go away to the sea side town of Dongara having booked a cute little chalet right on the water front. But unfortunately plans have changed due to Mr P's work commitments so we cancelled our little mini break. I decided to still take the week off work and have a holiday break at home and I plan to ...
Dream of my new kitchen and go shopping to check out some feature lighting for the island bench and some new bar stools.
Start to get my art for the kitchen and work out what clocks and art go together for my wall of clocks and art. I have some prints to frame and I also want to create my own art by typing up some quotes and printing onto pretty paper.

I can't have a holiday without a day of pampering ... a trip to the hairdressers to get my hair done and a massage and facial while I'm at it. I feel so relaxed and refreshed after some pampering - it's my true guilty pleasure!

I've made plans to catch up with friends - shopping trips, hanging at home and going out for dinner. Catching up with the family too I might need to invite myself over for dinner seems as though I ripped out my kitchen on the weekend (demolition post to come soon!)

Finally, I intend to spend an entire day being an absolute sloth and sitting around in my pajamas and watching day time TV. Lexi will be pleased we can have some doggy days too!

 What's your favourite thing to do when your holidaying at home?
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  1. Sounds delightful! I had my hair done and got a massage last week as well, perfect holiday activities.

    I cannot stand daytime tv so my version of your pyjama sloth day involves reading an entire book in one sitting.

    Enjoy your break :)

    1. Pamper days should be mandatory at least once a month I think :) Thank you!

  2. bummer you don't get to go away, but yippee for a wee break from home!!!!! enjoy lovely lisa

  3. Love a break at home, unfortunately I tend to catch up on all those neglected chores such as, cleaning the windows, tidy and clear out the wardrobe, have another bash at baking. Much nicer to go away and have someone else do it for you. Enjoy your break. xxx

    1. Dont remind me about the housework ugh! I guess I should dedicated some time to that as well but seems as though Im in the midst of the kitchen renovation there is no such thing as a dust free house right now! I do need to make room in the wardrobe for the new clothes Iv just bought though I guess I could do that :)

  4. Sounds like one awesome stay-cation!

    I love to wake up with no alarm, go for a beach walk, catch up with friends, read & just spend a lot of time alone! haha love my alone time! x

    1. You've nailed it - thats my perfect staycation right there!


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