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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogging Your Way Ecourse - Blog Boss Week 4

Sadly this is the fourth and final week of the BYW Blog Boss ecourse.
Now there wasn't much pressure on us for our last week of Homework oh no pretty easy really we just had to be AMAZING! This be amazing homework was the hardest one of all because I have no excuse, this course has given me the ideas and the tools to make the changes to be my own blog boss - but it was figuring out what I really want to do and putting in the time and effort to make it happen.
After reading through my Week 1 wishlist and figuring out what wasn't really working on my blog and what was. Then I looked through Week 2 and recalled blogs that rocked and why to see what it was about their blogs that I was drawn to and could incorporate (not copy!) into my own. For Week 3 I put my dreamers hat on and made a list of what my ultimate dream blog would look like. So here we are for Week 4 it was time to review those 3 areas and start to make some changes and turn the dream into reality.
In other lessons during the week we touched upon how to use Pinterest better (you can find me here) and copyright laws to make sure you do the right thing and give credit where it's due.

Put all your talents and links together in the one place so people don't have to be detectives to find you (have you ever Googled yourself? It's interesting what comes up!). The other important point was to put it out there and say what you want - your ultimate goal or lifelong dream as you never know who will be reading. I work in a corporate world and keep my working life quite separate and private but now I'm tempted to share some of my talents because I should be proud of them and what I've accomplished, both on my blog and in my work life.
Admiring others work but not being envious or jealous of their success and definitely not copying others hard work. Apparently us female of the species have a tendency to turn into the green eyed monster if there is a blogger who we like we get jealous and want what they have instead of admiring their work and trying to learn from them - befriending them is a much more productive way to go.

The common theme with these lessons and each week has been to:
build up our confidence
be positive
believe in our dreams
and do what makes us happy
Sounds simple really but the impact on myself and the 700+ students throughout this course has been incredible I can tell you!

This course has made me want what I have been dreaming and gushing and talking about for a few years now. I don't know why I've been so hesitant about voicing how much I want to make blogging my career but not anymore - it's out in the open for all to know! My friends and family already know how much I love my blog and how passionate I am about what I write, I gush about it every time I see them and they are so supportive and ask how it's going and show interest in what I'm doing. It's important to have the support of your friends and family that's for sure.
I feel I'm at a real turning point now and I'm going to start taking action and TURNING MY CAN'TS INTO CANS AND DREAMS INTO PLANS!
So I have my printed out sheets of the lessons to read through, my hand written notes and of course my blog itself to analyse and critique. I have written out my blog goals for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. This includes small things like what posts topics I want to focus on more to larger goals like the number of sponsorship posts I would like to do in the future.
You will start to see small changes in my blog space over the coming weeks and months ... stay tuned my friends!
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[Images via Holly Becker Decor8 who kindly sent me extra images because she's awesome!]
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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts! I've always enjoyed the mix of renovating & fun stuff you get up to like these short courses and the dress up parties and tour de fridge! x

  2. Sounds like an interesting course. Look forward to seeing changes to your blog and all your future posts!

  3. looking forward to seeing your changes, it will be interesting to identify the why's of the changes. xx


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