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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winter Warmer

This is the first winter we’ve been in our house and it’s been freezing cold lately, not just in the early morning or night but allllllllllll day long now! I thought the new roof insulation together with my little electric heater and ugg boots would be enough, but no we DEFINATELY need something to take the chill out the air! We had the option when we had the air conditioner put in to get reverse with heating but for an extra $8,000 it was way too extravagant.

So on the weekend we decided to make use of the gas points in the house and go get a shiny new gas heater. It was the quickest purchase so far, we wanted the Rinnia Avenger 25 in sexy silver and went to the usual competitors Kambos, Harvey Norman and lastly The Good Guys who won us over (they always do) by reducing their price the most to beat the others ‘best price’ by $100. Went straight home and plugged it in and the house temp showed a freezing 11 degrees, not for long though it now cranks at a toasty 20 degrees. So far it’s working great covers a really big area. Now just need to set the timer on it to turn on before my alarm goes off to make getting out of bed that bit more bearable!

So how do you keep warm in winter ... More blankets? Wood fire? Hot chocolate? Share your winter warmer thoughts ....

[Images via Rinnia]
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  1. I am so jealous - our gas heater recently died and we've been freezing here with Perth's recent cold snap - I'm hoping we'll have our new heater asap - in the meantime it's been a huge doona thrown over us on the couch at night and a little electric heater trying to keep us warm :)


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