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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hallway Mirror

After the Feng Shui mirror talk I had a better idea of what kind of mirror I wanted for the hallway, one thats quite simple but still modern. Then it was just having a look around until I saw the one I wanted that was within my $100 budget.

I didn't have to wait long, I found this beauty in Target on sale for $66. I raced it to the car in the pouring rain and then realised it had a big crack down the side of it. So I raced it right back, fluttered my eyelashes at the young sales guy who said I could swap it if there was one left, I hooned my trolley like a mad woman back to the mirrors and yes there was ONE left! Phew!! 

It's in the perfect spot for a last lip gloss check before running out the door.
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  1. What a lucky find! That mirror is perfect for your hallway!

  2. It's lovely Michelle (and it will be very handy too!)
    Claudia xo

  3. awesome purchase! gotta love target clearances :)

  4. GREAT find! And yes, perfect for a last pout and/or check before leaving the house ;)

  5. Looks great! I was on the lookout for a hall mirror but then decided I needed to get a hall table first and then find the mirror to match.

  6. Very Nice!! Was meant to be. I've seen a lot of great mirrors around lately, I might need to try and find a place for one myself! You guys should apply for the 2012 The Block! I reckon you'd rake it in!!


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