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Monday, February 27, 2012

Copper Tone Up In Living Room

The mood in the living room has really changed since I added some new copper toned wall art. To refresh your memory this is how the room looked before.

I found these 2 canvases at Thingz Living on sale for $70 each and after trying to ram them into the backseat of my car for 20 minutes I had to phone a friend (yes Pete my hero!) and wait around for a few hours until he could come with the ute to pick them up! Once I finally got them home and up on the walls, they really changed the mood of the room with their gold and dark red tones.

I wasn't sure if I liked them - it made the room a bit too dark and heavy with the leather couches and jarrah floorboards. So I added a few bright coloured coushins and white ottoman which I think help lighten it up a bit.

What do you think of the new colour scheme? Pin It Now!


  1. I love it! Love copper tone/gold leaf paintings. We have one, a 5 piece panel, in our bedroom.

  2. Wow, I loved the print before but the tones in this art are beautiful. They complement the aqua and pistachio and bring a richness.

    You have such an eye for design:)


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