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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Garage Extension Is Approved

Holy moly I don't believe it over a year of waiting for the Council to approve our garage extension,  lots of back and forth corrections, our patient architect friend helping us through the whole process and I'm pleased to say the Council has finally given the go ahead for the extension and issued a building license valid for 12 months to get the extension done by December 2012.


I can't wait to improve the look to the front of our house it's in desperate need of kerb appeal. We've been waiting for this extension before doing any of the gardening and design so sadly its been a barren landscape since we moved in 2 years ago. Apart from removing the huge pine tree that overshadowed the front of the house and moving our power underground we haven't done any landscaping or improvements out the front but now we have the license that's about to change.

Before - this dangerously large conifer tree overshadowed the front of our house

After a warning from the power company saying it was too close to the power lines
we started to cut down the taller branches

Where's Pete? Yep he's in the tree! Can you see him?!

Then we decided to remove the tree completely and called in the profession tree loppers
After - Tree be gone

See what I mean - barren, open, dry and hot front landscaping. But at least things can start moving along now and essentially it's given us a blank canvas to design the front which in some ways is easier than trying to work around existing gardening.

The other major job we did in August 2011 in preparation for the extension was to have the power put underground, this involved an electrician running a new line underground to our house and then the power company coming and snipping the old power line that was attached to the carport and the power pole. They upgraded our power box to electric as well.

Before - The power line attached to our carport and running to the power pole

After - Line snipped

No longer attached to the power pole

After - Power put underground running through this pipe into the house

Shiny new power box

This is the basic list of what needs to be done for the garage extension in the next 12 months:-
Roof restoration and paint job to make it look pretty (this is what we got the extra roof tiles for)
Remove old chimney and solar panels
New gutters
Remove the single carport
Build new brick double lock up garage
Build new storage room
New driveway
New pathway to the front door
Retaining walls
Front fence and letterbox
Lots and Lots and Lots of plants and flowers to make a new front garden
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  1. wow big job, but good luck! The house is going to look fabulous once you've finished with it!

  2. You are going to be very busy! But I think you love it:)

    The final outcome will be amazing.

  3. it's going to look gorgeous once it's done. we had our front fence put up [it's a 1.6m high tubular pool fence, in dark green - i love it] just over 2 years ago and it was the best 4000 i've ever spent. Guv wasn't and still isn't a fan of it but admits it makes our house more secure because we are on a corner block. and we chose the tubular style because we have view of bush, so we have security but still the view!

    can't wait to see everything once it's done!


  4. How exciting! This sounds like a Major Job, looking at that list there. And lots of buckets of money as well! But, how great is everything going to look once you're finished! Can't wait to see the photos as you get underway.


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