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Friday, February 3, 2012

Foxtel Addict

It took 2 solid years of nagging (me? nag? never!) and watching the standard 8 TV channels until I couldn't bear it anymore - and finally subscribed to Foxtel. Oh yea pay TV baby it's all it's cracked up to be - endless channel surfing, limited ads, and recording entire series of TV shows that I had never heard of before but now I can't bear to go without!  By accident or not (I'd say not buddy!) we somehow ended up with the entire SPORTS package but it only took an hour and I changed the subscription to the LIFESTYLE package. Hmmmmm are you kidding me, mistake, not likely buddy!?

It goes without saying what I love most about Foxtel is the Entertainment Channels - there are so many English/American/Aussie home style shows with stacks of ideas, inspiration, renovating dos and don't, design, building, cooking, entertaining, I seriously sit there for hours and hours just taking it all in I can't get enough. What I fear most about it is me watching them do it all and me sitting on my butt doing nothing! So long as that doesn't happen, I will be a lifelong subscriber. Here are some of my favourite shows ...

This show finds houses on the market that can't sell and transforms them into something amazing - I think the owners probably want to change their mind and keep their home after these transformations

People who dream big and then build bigger - this show proves that with determination and hard work you can get the home of your dreams

Sarah Richardson is one talented and bubbly lady who designs complete homes (sometimes with a noticeable baby bump!) with impeccable taste and style

These young designers are competing for their own TV show and is full of fresh fun ideas for home design (and kind of similar to Australia's The Renovators)

David Broomstad is the first winner of Design Star and this is his TV show where he decorates a room and it always includes one of his signature pieces of art - this guy is so smiley and cute :)

The English version of this show has the funniest voiceover guy
The Aussie version is good to see if I recognise anyone!

Yes as crazy as it sounds these guys invite strangers into their home and cook for them in the hope to make the most money and win a holiday

I was surprised at the number of cake TV shows there are - but this one has got to be my favourite with loud and extravagant hosts and incredible cakes
Even better Buddy and the team are coming to Perth this weekend to film a show
... how exciting!

What is your favourite show on Foxtel?
What am I missing out on!

[Images 1 and 2 Lifestyle 3, 4 and 5 Lifestyle Home and 6, 7 and 8 LifestyleFood Channel]
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