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Monday, February 13, 2012

Modern Chandelier For Master Bedroom

My 2012 word decision is going gun ho at the moment I tell ya - I made yet another decision on the weekend and picked out the light fitting for the Master Bedroom. As mentioned before I want a modern chandelier for the Master Bedroom to replace the small black shade I bought a few years ago (and the shade will be moved to its new home in the study/craft room).
Old Shade
New Shade

A bit more bling and drama with the new shade, don't you think?

Admittedly I've eyed off this Paris 3 Light Chandelier about 100 times already but was kind of hoping some new stock would come in or a new design would come out but 1 year on and I think I've seen everything there is available so bought this one from Beacon Lighting on sale for $180 (reduced from $200).  

Now I have all the lights picked out for the renovated rooms the electrician is booked in for next week and the lights I dreamed about and the lights I bought recently for the Guest Bedroom, Man Cave, Hallway and Living Room will be installed. I can't wait!

[Images via Beacon Lighting]
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  1. That shade is divine. And matching lamps!! My heart is a flutter.


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