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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funky Framed Wallpaper

I had some leftover wallpaper offcuts from wallpapering the hallway cupboards and I've been thinking about what to use it on and when I found this gorgeous frame from Ikea I knew it would look perfect to frame the wallpaper in

Frame and wallpaper ready to go

I used the wooden back as the template and traced the shape onto the back of the wallpaper

Cut the wallpaper out with scissors

Shape cut out and ready to frame

Put the wallpaper into the frame and whola its ready to hang on the wall

Its now hanging up on the wall in the hallway opposite the bathroom so you see it in the bathroom mirror

Have you got any ideas for using wallpaper?
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  1. That's cute! I would've never thought of that ...

  2. You can get these little tables from Ikea, super cheap about $12 I thnk... You assemble them by screwing the legs into the chipboard that its made of - but before you do that, you cover the table top wth wall paper, stud the sides wth funky buttons or chesterfield-esque lounge studs and you have urself a wicked new table! Ive been meaning to do it for ages but have no wallpaper!


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