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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Decor8 E-course Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss

I have been an admirer of Holly Becker for some time now, author of my favourite design book Decorate and founder of the Blogging Your Way e-courses. Well I finally hit the register button and enrolled in the BYW Blog Boss course which kicks off on 1 March 2013 - registration has only just opened so if you are keen to join in click here to register.
Some of the topics the Blog Boss course covers that I'm really interested in are: How to approach your blog like a business and you are the boss; Business etiquette and planning; Pinterest tips and tricks (I still don't know what I'm doing on there!) and Networking events etc.
I have kicked off this year with my 2013 word Embrace and feel that this course will help me achieve this and more ... Embracing my creativity and doing the things that make my heart sing, embracing opportunities both business and personal that come my way through this blog of mine, embracing challenges and believe in myself and think that anything is possible!
I want my blog to grow and become something special, I want to be more open and honest and tell stories from my heart, I want to be helpful to others who are renovating or decorating their homes, inspirational to those who don't even own a hammer but suddenly they're loaning tools and offering advice to others (yes that was me only a few years ago!)
I really do have a good feeling about this course helping me to embrace all of these things and to be the best me I can be.
I am so damn excited for this course to kick off to see where it takes me!
Has anyone done a Decor8 e-course?
If so, I'd love to hear about it!

[Images via Decor8]

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  1. Aw you're going to love this! I've met Holly at a book signing a few years ago- she's wonderful :) Enjoy!!

  2. That is so exciting that you are taking the course! You have a fun blog with lots of inspiring ideas:)

  3. When Holly's email about her Blog Boss course popped up in my inbox on Saturday, I spent two days mulling over whether or not to sign up. I haven't though, because I can see March being a full on month for us with Grace into the swing of kindy, a few small trips away for us hopefully with Paul on long service leave and so on and I'd really prefer to dedicate my time properly to joining in. The topics covered look really interesting though and exactly the type of topics I'd like to delve into further... perhaps next time around when she offers the course I'll be able to join in. I took Holly's Blogging Your Way course a few years back and LOVED it - so much useful info that I still refer back to today. Can't wait to hear what you learn about and find useful from Holly x

  4. Totally agree! Keep us posted about the course! Have fun!


  5. Hi!

    That sounds like a good plan.

    Thank you for the cute comment. It really made me happy. My first comment from Australia:) Welcome back to my blog. I will for sure visit yours again.

    Hugs from Sweden

  6. I just actually won her two books and haven't had a second to crack them open! When I'm done with them I'll have to check out her e-course!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  7. It sounds like it will be amazing for you. Can't wait to hear how it goes:)

    I've been looking at the personal planners all day and making different designs to try out. I've yet to order but it's temping me!

  8. I did Blogging Your Way early last year. In my usual fashion, I lost interest and didn't follow through. I do that with absolutely everything. I downloaded all the course info and still have it, but I think I felt overwhelmed by the bigger bloggers and just didn't have time to get too involved in the forums. It was good though, great information and Holly is certainly professional and very lovely.

  9. Thanks Michelle, I have signed up for the next course, a beginners one. Looking forward to hearing about your journey


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