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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear Book That Will Not End

Woot woot it's Friday and I'm linking up my Friday's Letters over at The Sweet Season why don't you head on over here and link up some letters too.

I'm imagining I'm writing my letters from this trendy black and white office space tapping away at the computer and sipping on a strong espresso.

Dear Book That Will Not End - Jane Eyre you just keep going on and on and on and without a smile or happy thought I'm not enjoying you as much as I'd hoped. Can you just end already?

Dear Lexi - Week 4 and I have finally heard you bark for the first time this week ... now I know what a new Mum feels like hearing her babies first words so proud of you our little furbaby Lexi!

Dear Greenhouse - Always such a buzzing fun place to meet for breakfast, lunch or rooftop drinks. Your food and decor is awesome, if you haven't been here yet book a table now!

Dear Decor8 E-Course - I'm so excited about enrolling in Holly Becker's much loved Blog Your Way E-Course starting next month. Time to sharpen the pencils and get the brain into gear!

Dear Domain Name - I took the plunge and registered as a domain name this week, it's sa relief to know my name is secured for 3 years and at only $60 I thought that was pretty good for peace of mind.

Dear Council - Thanks for the second knock back! Guess we're now onto plan C to get our Courtyard approved. Hopefully we can get the extra information to you without needing to spend more money on plans.

Dear Kitchen Design - I received the first look at the kitchen layout this week and I'm really happy with the design. But common sense tells me it's too much money to not get a second quote so that's my next thing to do.

Dear Bogan  Bingo - Tonight I'm off to a work social at the Fringe Festival to see Bogan Bingo, it's going to be quite hilarious I think, looking forward to a good belly laugh!


Phew I had lots of letters this week, sorry about that!

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  1. That course sounds like fun!! I didn't exactly realize that things were available like that, but I like it! I may have to try that one day!

  2. Love that office space! awww for lexi's first bark! I remember I thought it was so cute when I first hear my dogs bark...then it gets old! haha

  3. I thought that office space was yours! It's beautiful and doesn't look like it would be to difficult to get inspiration from.

  4. Good luck with your kitchen remodel. Definitely get a second opinion. We did ours about 3 years ago and while a painful process, it was so worth it. The kitchen is the heart of the home. So excited for you.

  5. I loveeeeeee the Greenhouse! Do you know why the council knocked you back?

  6. Very exciting that you paid for your domain name. I think about doing that too one day... one day!


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