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Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Look At New Kitchen Layout

After checking my emails a zillion times over the last 2 weeks I finally got the plans from the kitchen company who draw up a new kitchen layout for us recently.

To refresh your memory here is our humble ole kitchen when we first moved in ... that wall near the fridge is the pantry wall that will be knocked out.

This large window in the Dining Area will be cut into french doors leading out onto a deck.

The basic layout of the kitchen will stay the same except there is more cabinetry being built, the cabinets will go down to the ground (not 5cm off the floor like they are now) and up to the ceiling creating a heap more storage space.

The stove top will be in the place where the oven use to be with cupboards below and above.

The glass cabinet will be replaced with a cupboard that goes up to the ceiling with a built in exhaust for the stove top.

The sink is being moved across slightly to fit in a dishwasher yipee yiyay!

A wall of cabinets will be built around the fridge and will house the oven and microwave with again more storage.

The pantry will be reduced in size by the pantry wall that protrudes out into the room being knocked out, the pantry itself won't be any smaller as I'm a hoarder when it comes to canned goods!

An extra smaller pantry/appliance cupboard is being built next to the main pantry in an otherwise wasted space behind the door. I'm pretty excited about that idea - it's something I hadn't thought of and will be so handy for appliances and smaller kitchen items like spices, oils and even cookbooks.

It's great to do your research and find out what you want in your dream kitchen but at the end of the day the professionals who work with kitchens day in and day out are the ones who can tell you exactly what you can fit in there and to get the most bang for your buck.

We aren't exactly sure what type of cabinet doors we want so we had them quoted in a mid range so we will have an idea of the approximate cost. We also had the bench top quoted in laminate although we are now leaning towards granite because it's only a small bench top it might be worth spending the extra on a small space to get a big impact.

The quote came in at just over $11,000 and that is custom made to order cabinets, drawers, skirting, handles etc but it comes flat packed and needs assembly and installation. On top of that is also the plumbing, electrical, splash back, appliances, french doors, painting, demo work and repairing the ceiling and floorboards.

We are now looking for another local cabinet maker company to get another quote and will compare the two.

I will no doubt be buried under kitchen brochures this weekend!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. Exciting!! Our kitchen renovation was one of the biggest makeovers we did to our place and the one I've appreciated the most. Your ideas above sound great, taking more advantage of space by having taller cupboards etc. Definitely time for you to pour over those interiors mags and get some ideas for cabinetry colours etc. over the weekend :)

  2. Argh, so expensive isn't it?!

    Love the idea of the small appliance hide away cupboard.

    We've got two-pac(k?) cabinets and I love it. Had vinyl wrap at our last house, wouldn't put that in again, didn't love it.

    If you can stretch, definitely go the granite. It will take the kitchen to a different level.

    Other thing I love is our under mount sinks. My one regret is exposed range hood which we're going to change eventually. It's an ugly dust collector when it could be extra cupboard space! (Don't know what I was thinking when I picked it?!)

  3. Your so lucky to have a big spacious kitchen. Those french doors will look lovely. We just built the diy base cabinets from bunnings & I tell you, they came up a treat for the $ we saved, and measurements were perfect.

  4. A dishwasher! French doors!

  5. Great layout plan! I love the appliance cupboard.
    How exciting!

  6. awesome! A whole new kitchen will be amazing! I think the quote is pretty nice too, especially for such an overhaul.

  7. So, SO excited fo ryou! Nothing beats a fresh new kitchen, especially when it's super functional!


  8. What an exciting project! We renovated our kitchen a couple of years ago, I remember the design process was really fun, the building part not so much - but the end result is fabulous and very rewarding.

  9. Sounds and looks exciting. I like the idea of French doors onto a deck. You'll probably find you will live out there in Summer.

  10. Wow! Such a big and fun project! Whenever I watch tv, you can usually bet it's HGTV. I'm hooked to the shows like Love It or List, seeing the before and afters. Can't wait to see what your new kitchen will look like after all the renovation!

  11. Wow... daunting overhaul. I'm sure it will turn out fantastic, though! I still rent, so none of that renovation stuff for me

  12. A new kitchen is exciting! Me too, my new kitchen plans include space for a dishwasher. Lisa xo


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