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Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Rescue Dog Lexi 6 Months On + Still The Shy One

We've had our fur ball Lexi for 6 months now ... I still remember the first day we bought her home and it taking us almost 2 hours to coax her out of the car!

Lexi is a little damaged from her abusive home we rescued her from and is still pretty scared and timid when we introduce her to new people or loud noises like laughter or clapping. But giving her lots of time to adjust and all my friends and family who have been so caring and sweet and patient with her she has come a really long way and keeps gaining confidence with each day.

Dog toys last less than an hour before they are chewed and destroyed just like our lawn!

We have a new ute now with a back seat just for her but she still sits on the floor curled up in a ball .... loving being out and about but not being brave enough to stick her head up and look around.

She's had doggy dates and been out to Kings Park and the Swan River.

She loves being around other dogs and playing chasey ... like most girls she likes to be chased not to chase!

This is how Lexi sleeps curled up into a tight little ball!

On our weekend away Lexi had her first time away from us when a friend house and dog sat for us.

It was like she was staying with the cool Aunt that let's you get away with everything! I'm so lucky to have friends who are dog lovers and want to treat her so well. Showered in cuddles and belly rubs just the way she likes it!

Doesn't look like Lexi minds being dog sat one little bit!

It has been a pretty big adjustment having a dog to look after and be responsible for.

Going out on the weekends we try to take Lexi with us wherever possible so she's not home alone all the time. And when we do go out as soon as we get home I open the back door and let her inside and give her lots of pats and attention.

Sometimes I feel guilty for going out and leaving her when she looks at me with those puppy dog eyes through the fly screen door ....

Where are you going?
Can't I come?
Don't leave me!

Our special little Lexi we will never hurt or mistreat you ... you're safe now xxx

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  1. NOthing wrong with being shy, I say! Being such a shrinking violet myself! Well perhaps not - but not as extrovert as I used to be!

    1. This is true :) its just the cowering and timidness that I hope she will grow out of

  2. Lexi is so gorgeous. Glad to hear that her confidence is building. You've done a terrific job taking care of her!

    Join the Little Alchemist giveaway on my blog now!

  3. She is just precious! Love that you guys have taken in a rescue and are helping her heal. She sounds like such a sweetheart :]

  4. She is so adorable!!


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