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Monday, July 22, 2013

Picking A Glass Splash Back For The Kitchen

After much deliberation about the material for the kitchen splash back - tiles Vs glass and our unsuccessful tile shopping expedition we have decided to go for a glass splash back and can you believe it we have even managed to pick out the company and colour which means we are just weeks away from having a shiny modern splash back installed .... oh happy days!

We got 2 quotes from 2 local glass companies, the first was from Modern Glass who we used for the glass in the french doors and the other from WA GlassKote who were recommended by a friend who used them for their kitchen splash back.
Modern Glass we visited their showroom and even though they were the cheapest at $1500 there would be more joins in the glass and we couldn't decide on a colour from the samples we took home.
Modern Glass colour range
GlassKote came out to the house and did a quick measure and quoted $2100 but with no joins in the glass and I liked their colour range better which was designed by a local Perth interior designer. Unfortunately GlassKote were too expensive and we told them we liked their product and would like to go with them but they would need to bring their price down and after a bit of negotiating they reduced it to $1500. So in the end we got a price match with no joins and the colour we liked - can't complain about that!
I've said it before and I'll say it again - always ask for a better price!
Modern Glass and GlassKote colours narrowed down to the favourites
Let's compare costs - while we're on the tile Vs glass splash back debate as this was a question I had which I couldn't find an answer for.

The mosaic tiles we found would have cost approx $900 just for the tiles and then on top of that you need to pay for grout, hire/buy a tile cutter, and a weekend of your time if you're handy and want to give it a go, or pay a tiler to lay them. When we did our bathroom renovation, the tiler's labour cost twice as much as the actual tiles so this would have been a more expensive option in the end. Of course picking cheaper tiles and doing the tiling yourself would bring the cost down.

For $1500 we're getting the glass product and it will be professionally installed and ready to go. Cost wise I think the glass has worked out a bit cheaper (thanks to our negotiating skills!).

The mosaic tile we were thinking about buying
Types of glass - there are 2 types of glass Classic which is plain glass and Clarity which has a bit of a sparkle in it - we chose Clarity of course what girl wouldn't pick a bit of sparkle!

Classic plain glass and Clarity sparkle glass
As for colours - while I loved the dark teal Isobar and red Flame Red I think they will be too dark against the black granite bench tops and there isn't enough light in the room to get away with it. So we tried to pick out one of the colours from the shells in the granite so silvers, blues and greens and ended up with this blue/silver one called Frosted Ice.
Isobar and Bright Silver
We have a winner ... Frosted Ice

Getting it ready for install - so the splash back can sit flush and as close to the glass overhead cabinets and ceiling cornice as possible I fluttered my eyelashes at the kitchen guys and as a favour for the delay with the kitchen install asked them to take the end panels off the glass overhead cabinets and shave off 10mm and then redo the edging so the splash back can be fitted and then the panels can go back on. Of course they said yes ... I have pretty long eyelashes ;-)
Kitchen guys removing the side panels off the glass cabinets

Side panels off and ready to be taken to the work shop to be modified

Range hood holes and power points - we also needed to drill the holes into the wall for the range hood so the splash back guys can come and do a final measure which includes cutting out the range hood holes and around all the power points.

We decided to hang the range hood slightly higher than recommended at 800mm instead of 750mm because Mr P is quite tall and it's better for him to not hit his head every time he cooks and let out a bunch of expletives! It will mean the range hood doesn't extract at the premium range but for the convenience of it being at the height we want I don't mind that. That's the good thing about renovating you can customise things if you want to suit ... right down to minimal swear words!

Range hood brackets installed so they know where to drill holes in the glass splash back

We are hanging the Range hood slightly higher than recommended
GlassKote are coming tomorrow to do a final measure and then it will take them about 2 weeks to make the splash back and then they'll come back and install which apparently takes them just an hour.

It is going to look so freaking amazing when the splash back goes on .... oh happy days!

What do you think of our glass colour choice Frosted Ice?

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[All images my own] 

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  1. Love the frosted ice, good choice. xxx

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product! Looks great already x

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color you chose! Seriously! I have a weakness for blues and greens, and I think your silvery blue "Frosted Ice" is just stunning! I can't wait to see it all together! And GO YOU for bringing down the price! Yay!

  4. Love the colour, want it behind my stove top too. BUT this house has a little window behind the stove top if you can believe it - so safe and practical NOT - and none of the coloured/frosted glass we like can be used there.

    We have temporarily made do by painting the outside of the glass but it's not quite the same ...

    1. That is a strange place for a window to be! I love that you have painted it though what a great idea and it probably looks pretty similar to a glass coloured splash back now :)

  5. I love sparkles - hubby and I had a discussion about the pool we recently put in - he didn't see the value in it! lol I won that one! Cant wait to see it finished. Love seeing what you have to do to just get a kitchen completed - one day I will be coming back for tips when I get mine redone!


    1. Oh yes a pool must have sparkles without a doubt! Thanks so much Iv learnt a lot and the next time I do a kitchen will be a bit quicker I hope :)

  6. It's looking great! Lisa xo

  7. Splash back is really lovely but I am even more gobsmacked by your negotiating prowess. How, how, how do you negotiate a price like that? I usually ask for a discount and am usually offered between 5 an 10 per cent. What does the conversation even sound like? Sorry I know this is an old post but would love to learn more about this. Any chance of a post on this?

    1. Haha Sally-Ann. My partner is a salesman so has the gift of the gab!
      We told them we like their product and wanted to buy from them but they would need to come down in price - they put out a figure - we counter offered - a bit of negotiating back and forth until we were happy with the price. The trick when negotiating a price is don't insult them or be rude, but have fun with it, they love a bit of heckling makes their job a bit more entertaining :)


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