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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Making Of My Art And Clock Wall

Since my clock and wall art inspiration post I've slowly been sourcing frames and art for the small wall between the Living Room and Kitchen/Dining Room. I want it to be playful and interesting so I've used a mixture of coloured frames and art in different shapes and sizes,  DIYed some quote prints and narrowed down my selection of clocks so the ticking doesn't drive anyone crazy!

This is what I have come up with so far ....
This modern silver clock Mr P and I bought from Target when we first moved in together as a new time in our life ... owwww corny I know!

This funky yellow clock I got from Sportsgirl on sale for only $10.
I made my favourite line from Dirty Dancing Nobody puts baby in a corner print by typing it in a cool font and printing it onto some plain white paper. It will go into a box yellow frame with a striped backing which was also from Sportsgirl on sale for $5.

I printed this Be Yourself picture out on my colour printer from my Pinterest and found the teal frame for $5 at The Reject Shop.

This postcard of girls having a food fight was a freebie from a theatre event and I love the cheekiness of it ... literally their buttocks are on show! The gold and white ombre frame was on sale for $7 from Typo.

The 2 silver frames were a Birthday gift from a friend and I framed one of the inspiration quotes Laughter is wine for the soul from the kikki.K set that didn't make it onto the banner in the laundry. I think it's a pretty fitting quote for the kitchen.

The other silver frame I will use as an empty frame around the ceramic head hook I got from Typo for $15. It was a tough decision between the black rhino and white deer head so I put the vote to Mr P who liked the rhino better ... I'm branching out into the animal kingdom!

The other animal in the collection is the stag head wall art by Lucius Art which has been hanging up in the laundry but think it needs to be a part of this mix with it's greens and wooden frame.

From the posters book I picked the Moby print because the colours blend with the yellows and teals and the tea cup goes with the kitchen theme. I'm still trying to find the right frame for this one I'm not sure if I should go for a wood or black frame .... what do you think?
I have laid everything out on the bed in the Guest Bedroom so I can play around with the layout until I'm happy with it ... truth is I keep changing my mind and moving things around so we'll see what makes the final cut for the wall.

My plan is to have it all ready to go so that as soon as the paint is dry on the walls I can get these babies hung up so I can admire how it's all come together.

What do you think of my art wall so far?
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  1. Just found you from S.S.Style and I love your gallery wall! Super cute, especially the animals and ombre frame!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. The frame was a great find reduced from $25. Love me a bargain :)

  2. what a fun collection of pics and phrases!

  3. This makes such a great collection for a gallery well - love how everything is eclectic, but will go together perfectly!

  4. They are going to look fantastic Michelle, I love your Dirty Dancing quote x

    1. Yes every woman alive has a soft spot for that movie I think :)

  5. What a great collection of frames and wall art. I especially like the rhino... quite unexpected! :)

    1. I went back into the store 3 times to look at the Rhino because I just wasnt sure about it but Im so glad now I got it. It is a little unexpected and fun :)

  6. Um . . . I'm kind of in love with it.
    So many great and thrifty ideas! It's a great mix of everything. Love the different colors and textures!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah I hope it all comes together ok when it goes onto the wall :)

  7. What a great idea. Love the bargain clock from Sportsgirl.


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