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Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Time To Go ... Patio Fence

We have neglected the backyard over the Winter months with the weeds getting out of control and growing so high we couldn't find Lexi's toys anymore! Luckily, Sunday was a gorgeous sunny Spring day and perfect to be outdoors so we mowed and weeded the backyard and cleared out a heap of old timber and materials from the kitchen renovation and old windows from the french doors project into a big skip bin.
The old lattice and brushwood fence around the edge of the patio had a bit of a beating with the Winter weather and it was long overdue to be pulled down ... before it fell down!
The patio brushwood fence falling down from the Winter weather
The view of the patio fence from the neighbors side - the patio is attached to our Granny Flat
Lexi has to be involved and inspect everything we do!
We never use this side of the backyard we've been storing all the building materials from the renovations here
 and need to order another builders skip bin to get rid of the tiles and bricks etc

With the patio fence removed our backyard looks so much bigger
We are going to put a new fence up for privacy and to give some protection from the weather, it's just deciding what type of fence. I really like Dear Genevieve's idea for covering an outdoor railing in fabric and we will probably do something similar with shade cloth.
I'm hoping Lexi has grown out of her chewing my pot plants faze so I can plant some pretty flowering pots and make the patio look a bit more appealing. Fairy lights, lanterns and outdoor decor are also on my wish list to get the patio looking good for some Spring entertaining.
How have you been enjoying the Spring weather?
[All images my own]

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  1. It's Fall weather starting soon here and we are still enjoying summer where I'm from, but that fence really wanted to 'go' already! Good luck with finding the right type Michelle!

    1. You can do so much more in the warmer months, I hope your Summer lasts a bit longer! It was definately on the way out, 1 more winter storm and it would've had its day!

  2. So much room, brilliant, Lexi can't hide now. Loving the sneak peeks we are getting of Spring at the moment. xxx Rae

    1. Yes she has a new found playground in her very own backyard! Im loving the Spring weather ;)


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