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Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Be An Organised Traveller

Whenever I travel - whether its for a short break, weekend away or a long awaited overseas trip, I pride myself on being an organised traveller.

I find being organised means I can relax and get the most out of my time away.

Kissing a crocodile at Australia Zoo, Queensland

The first thing I organise (after where I'm going of course!) is what to do - for this I check Trip Advisor to see what the top things to do in that City are.

When your travelling you want to not just do the tourist things but find out what makes that place unique - this could be where the perfect view can be seen from, where the best cocktails are served, and where to shop til you drop.

You will be so disappointed if you travel all that way and don't discover what the place has to offer - so it's well worth your time to organise and plan what to do.

Cockelbay Wharf in Darling Harbour, Sydney
I'm a big fan of creating my own itinerary, I'll research the different places to visit, what to see and do.

I'll create a list of these ideas so I have some options. If being your own tour guide is a bit daunting you can always join a tour which will no doubt show the best things to do and depending on how easy transport links are and the language barriers of places visited this might be the better option.

Either way if you're organised and plan or book ahead you know you won't miss out.

Cruising around the Whitsundays, Queensland

Food is a big highlight of travelling for me, I love to try out the local foods they are always the best quality in the countries they originate from.

Checking out a few must eat places and the local drinking places. Mixing food with a view is always a winner. A wine or food tour is a lot of fun too and killing two birds with one stone, having an adventure while getting fed!

Tapas in Madrid, Spain
I'm also a bit of a master at organising the suitcase and packing as I've shown you before.

I do this for both long and short trips I type up a list of my packing items to take including my outfits from day to night and anything else I can't live without on my travels.

This saves me carrying around clothes I'm not going to wear so I'm only burdened with what I'll use and that leaves plenty of room for buying souvenirs and things to bring home.

Winery in Pemberton, Western Australia
I find when I'm organised I'm less of a stress head, I'm not worried about what to do, where to eat, what to wear because I've worked it all before the holiday so all that's left to do is relax and enjoy it!

What are your tips for being an organised traveller?

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  1. Perfect timing..... Today is my day of trying to organise myself for while I am away in Melbourne for the Grand Final (when I say Grand Final I mean the boys are going and the girls are shopping..... in peace haha)

    First thing I do is check out where I am staying & what is close by parks (exercising) restaurants/coffee places (will look on urbanspoon melbourne to see what's talk of the town) & the shopping..... whether I am walking distance haha :)

    Happy Friday & Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Excellent that is perfect timing then! You lucky thing you will have so much fun Melbourne the shops are the best! Make sure you pack really light so you can spend up big. And take layer -, cardi, jacket, etc as you'll get 4 seasons in a day in Melbs :)

  2. I make lists ~I cant function without lists in my little travel book. Our next trip is Alaska/Iowa/St Louis/back to Vegas then home. Pretty excited about this one as our first was a trial and learn trip.
    Love your tips!

    1. Your trip sounds amazing, I would love to go to Vegas its definatley on my travel wish list to visit in the next few years!


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