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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Shower - Vintage Travel Theme

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen my Baby Shower planning snippets for hosting my friend's Baby Shower that I've been sharing the past few weeks.
The day finally came last Sunday and after all those weeks of getting inspired, planning, organising, finding and making decorations .... the day whizzed past in just a few hours and was all over!

The party was held at the Mum to bes home so I packed my car full of the decorations, esky, and supplies and went and set up a few hours before the guests arrived.
The weather was a bit unsettled with the threat of rain so I had the gift table inside to keep it safe and tables for the food, drinks and games outside. I didn't bring out some of my special decorations like my vintage books because I was worried they would get damaged if it rained, but it still looked really festive and pretty.
Here are some photos from the day with my inspiration being a unisex vintage travel theme and nothing that was too cutsie woosie!
For the decorations outside - I hung cute bunting flags up and by the front door I hung a DIY bunting sign you add stickers to personalise it, but the wind was not kind to it blowing it every which way so it wasn't photo-worthy! Still, you can never have enough bunting at a party and it's so easy to make too.
As for the games (it's not a Baby Shower without them!) I skipped the ice breaker because everyone was chatting and getting along well, so no introductions needed!
For the prizes - I had 2 prizes for each game which were packs I made up of nail polish, lip gloss, hand cream, the perfect gifts for a party full of girls.
We played 3 games which were easy to organise and a lot of laughs ...
The first game was an A-Z game - I typed up and printed out on coloured sheets for everyone to fill in anything to do with babies and pregnancy and the first to complete won. The answers were rather funny too!
The second game was a Guessing Game - I filled a basket with baby items and had the Mum to be walk around and show everyone what was in the basket. Once the Mum to be went inside I then asked questions about her .... What colour was her top? Was her hair up or down? That kind of thing. It well and truly tricked everyone too, such a fun game!
The third game was poo pong - You had to roll the poo (which I'd made from play doh wrapped in cling film) into a nappy while holding a doll and the winners were those whose poo stayed in the nappy! Another funny game and easy to play.
For some special touches for the gift table I made some DIY art and framed them for the Mum to be to keep. Maybe even add to the nursery for the little one!
The Amsterdam art I found a map on the Internet, drew a heart symbol around it, changed the colour to match the green theme and printed it out. The Places You Will Go I found on Pinterest and printed out and framed.
After we had eaten and played the games we came inside to open the gifts. Among some of the gorgeous gifts was this fantastic nappy cake made by some of the girls and my absolute favourite was this card ... very cheeky (and of course it's a Typo card!)
I'd say my first attempt at hosting a Baby Shower went down pretty well, especially as I had to be so organised taking everything with me because it wasn't at my own house. But it turned out to be a great day and even the rain held off until the very end.
Everyone said they had a great time and best of all the Mum to be got showered with lots of love for her new arrival :)

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Hi Michelle you did a great job, congratulations to the mum to be xxx Rae

  2. Looks like you created a very special day for a special mum to be. :)

  3. How wonderful! It looks like it was a great day. I love the picture frames - a very crafty idea!! :-) Love, M+B

    1. It was a great day! The frames were really easy and inexpensive too :)

  4. I love the bunting flags outside and what a pretty setup. You really did put a lot of time and creativity in your friends baby shower! She is lucky to have you as a friend! I love the diaper cake, too!

    1. I have come to realise its not a party without bunting! There was a lot of planning but it was all worthwhile in the end it was a great day :) Thank you!

  5. Wow it's almost one years since my baby shower. It was such a great day. What a great friend you are Michelle. I think the artwork would be perfect for your friend's nursery. Here are a couple links that might be helpful to her when she's designing her bub's nursery.

    1. Thanks so much I will check out your links as I am also helping to decorate the nursery :)

  6. Here is the second link. I hope she finds them helpful :)

  7. That sounds like such a lovely party Michelle! What a lot of work you went to and it looked fabulous :-)

    Thanks so much for linking up! It was lovely to discover your blog xx

    1. Thanks so much Sarah its great to meet you and thanks for stopping by :)


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