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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Current Renovation Plans and Projects

When we kicked off the new year I was full of enthusiasm for finishing off the remainder of our house renovations inside and outside the house. Clearly I must have still been under the influence of alcohol from New Years because we are now a quarter of the way through the year and we have not even picked up a paint brush!
The reality of both Mr P and I working full time and it being too bloody hot this Summer to do any real hard sweaty work has left my hit list without those lovely red ticks and smiley faces I like to put through the tasks once done.
But excuses aside, I figure if I write about it and publish it on the blog for the whole wide world to see that is sure to get me to put down the TV remote and go dig some holes or something .... well make sandwiches while Mr P digs holes, but you know what I mean!
So here are our 2014 Renovation projects:
1. Laundry/Toilet - Complete gut and renovation
2. Finish inside of house - Touch up painting, replace all internal doors, etc
3. Front Courtyard - Finish fence infill slats, gate, mail box, landscaping and furnishing
We have heaps of landscaping to do out the front to add kerb appeal
4. Backyard - Remove the granny flat and patio
5. Build a deck leading off from the dining room into the backyard

6. Render the entire back bricks of the house

7. Start subdivision process - Have the block surveyed and measured out

Where the new deck will be built

We have made a start on 1, 2 and 3 - the laundry, front of the house and courtyard and ordered quite a few of the materials but not actually got our hands dirty as yet, but it's coming very soon.

Hopefully over the Easter break between overdosing on hot cross buns we'll get stuck in and tick off some of the jobs on the to do list.
How are your home goals for 2014 coming along?

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  1. Wow that's a very long list is it your goal to get through it in 2014? I know exactly what you mean about excuses, we've still have about 40 things to get through at our house, some really big and some small stuff. We were productive over the Christmas NY period though, managed to get the laundry in, build a verticals garden, give the garage floor a facelift and put in an outdoors cinema (that's completely finished yet). Bring on the Easter break!

    1. Yes that is just this years list! A little scary isnt it!! That sounds great, you were very productive. We werent and now need to make up for it hopefully over the Easter break :) Thanks for stopping by xx

    2. Point number 4 sounds like a huge project by itself. Good luck :)

    3. Yes it will be, we have already started to empty out the granny flat to get it ready so hopefully it'll happen later this year!


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