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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Picking Out Our Internal Doors and New Front Door

Something that has been on our To Do List since we moved in is to replace or fix up all the doors throughout the house.

This is because the original doors are 40+ years old and have knocks and bumps in them that no amount of paint can hide.  

Our old doors showing their age
The handles will also be replaced because they're rickety and feel like they are going to come off in your hand when you pull them! I also want the bathroom, powder room and master bedroom to have locks on the doors for privacy.

The quaint old door handles

We had the same problem with our hallway cupboard doors looking really old and worn but as they are a custom size and it would've been way to expensive to replace the doors so a cheap fix was to wallpaper the doors and replace the handles.

I love how they came up, they look really unique and you would never know the state of the doors underneath!
Our hallway cupboard doors we wallpapered and added new handles

We might end up wallpapering the door from the laundry to the garage as well because it's a custom size and will be quite expensive to replace. As you can see the wall and door frame took a beating when we ripped out the carport and built a garage extension.

I have the idea of wallpapering the door and entire wall so the door blends into the wall .... I already have some wallpaper samples up!

The shoppers entry - door from the garage into the laundry

All the rest of our internal doors are a standard size and can be replaced with new doors.

Our first attempt at hanging a door was in the bathroom after the bathroom renovation but we accidentally hung it upside down, not realising the wider panel should be on the bottom as it's a kick panel. Ooops! Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is our Jarrah Jungle!!

Since hanging that door we have changed our mind on this style of door with the 4 square pattern which was a Corinthian - Stanford. We only picked it because it matched our front door, but we are changing our front door because it got damaged and weathered with all the home improvement work out the front - the render and new driveway and path to the front door being laid.

See everything happens for a reason doesn't it!
Our old front door .... weathered and worn from the front of the house improvements
The new front door we picked up second hand for a bargain price when we were looking for our french doors. It retails for $1400 and we paid $200.

It needs to be sealed to bring out the wood grain and we have the handle and lock for it, then it's ready to hang. We might try to hang this ourselves although external doors are a bit tricky to get perfect so otherwise we'll get the door installer who hung the french doors for us to help.
Our sexy new front door
All the internal doors we are going to hang ourselves. When I say us of course I mean Mr P .... while I give encouraging words and make sandwiches and pour refreshing drinks!
These are the internal doors we have chosen. They are a Corinthian - Rockport brand and sell for $53 from Bunnings and Masters but we managed to get a discount of $6 per door and got them for $47 each.

Our new internal doors
The doors have a smooth skin with no wood grain and the rectangle pattern kind of mimics the floorboards throughout the house. They have character but aren't too modern and out of place for our 1960s home.

Up close pattern details

We will also put on new door handles but we haven't picked them out yet. The more types and choices there are the harder it is to pick one!

All the doors will need a few coats of paint as well, which is a job I can help with in between my sandwich queen duties of course!

The house is going to look a million bucks once the new doors are hung, they will really improve the look of the place not to mention be so much nicer to open and close without the fear of the handle ending up in my hand!
I will write a separate DIY post on hanging the doors .... up the right way this time!

Do you have any hints and tips for hanging a door?
 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. LOL! Too funny that the door was hung upside down... oops! I guess it was a good mistake to learn by before you install all the internal doors. :) I love the front door and what a FANTASTIC price!!

    1. We didnt laugh at the time but of course if you dont laugh you cry right! It was pretty funny though, I was checking a few times with every single door we hung this time to make sure they were up the right way :)

  2. Oh no ~ gotta hate custom sized doors! At least it gives you a chance to experiment. Wallpapering will look cool! Can't wait to see.

    1. Yes custom is never cheap to fix up but it makes us think outside the box ... I think wallpaper will be a much cheaper solution!

  3. Oh I like what you chose and everyone needs a Mr P at home. I love a man who is handy round the house.

    PS I also like the wallpaper idea to lift old cupboards.

    1. Exactly! Sure do love my handy man :) Thanks Carolyn

  4. Looks great!! But hahahaha, I don't exactly have any experience in hanging doors for that matter.... we are just about to build a new house, and I look so forward to picking out all the bits and pieces for it...but the door hanging will be left for the builder ;-)

    1. Building will be so exciting and making choices from the beginning when they are all fresh and new instead of changing everything like we are!
      Good luck with it, would love to see your progress :)


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