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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hanging Pots And Plants

I really want to add some more plants and greenery to our patio and outdoor area to bring it to life.

When we added a new addition our rescue dog Lexi to our home just over a year ago, Lexi decided that every plastic pot under the patio was her chew toy and day after day another plant and pot was chewed and played with until there were none left.

So what pots are safe in the Jarrah Jungle patio area?

Well, these hanging pots and plants I picked up just before Christmas when doing some patio pimping have lasted well over the hot summer months and best of all Lexi can't reach them to destroy them!

I think succulents in hanging pots are my best bet if I want some greenery around. The thing I love about succulents is they don't need a lot of water and are pretty tough and hardy so survive well in small pots.
The lonely survivers ... hardy succulents hanging high out of harms way

I have seen a lot of different styles of hanging pots lately, especially the fabric pot holders which are a bit of a flashback from the 70s but with their bright colours are now on trend.

Here are some really great hanging planters I have pinned lately ....

What are your favourite plants for hanging pots?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. Lexi is so cute :) Yes, I think hanging pots are your best option! LOL! My cats are destructive, too... I was trying to stuff some eggs for Nathan's Easter party tonight and I noticed a few pieces of the candy I was going to put in the eggs had teeth marks in them! My cat was chewing on them! Thank goodness I noticed, because I would have died if I hadn't noticed! And, I had only stepped out of the room a minute! Bad kitty! Thankfully I had some candy still in the bag, so I threw out the pieces on the table and started over. lol.

  2. Great Pinterest inspiration. Like the doily one. I love your concept of patio pimping and yes succulents are always a good bet in the survival stakes.

    1. The doily one is really sweet isnt it :)
      Agreed, succulents are my favourites mainly because I cant kill them!

  3. We don't have any hanging plants but after seeing this post I wouldn't mind investing in some of the ones you've featured. They are the best if you have dogs. Thankfully our dog doesn't trample our pot plants or veggie garden.

    1. I know so many stylish ones around now isnt there :)
      You are lucky! Hopefully our dog will grow out of it soon ... still in the naughty puppy faze I think!


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