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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Honeymoon Destinations In The USA

I have been busy making plans for our honeymoon travels later this year which Mr P and I agreed, even before our wedding venue was booked, that the USA would be our honeymoon destination.

In fact I've been planning the honeymoon when I should be planning the wedding which is only 5 months away now, but I know once I have all the flights and hotels booked in I'll be able to relax and look forward to it.

I'm already thinking about what to pack in my suitcase that's how excited I am!

Now the big decision is where in the USA ?

There are so many amazing towns to visit but the size of the country and the 3 weeks travel time we have means we really had to be selective and pick our top 6 places in the USA.

Here's our shortlist ..... I'd love to know what you think !

New York

The city that never sleeps, the romance of Central Park, the skyline that's so big my eyes won't be able to comprehend, the landmarks that have featured in so many movies, and the food - places we've seen on Man Vs Food we want to check out, so many food trucks so little time, awesome roof top bars with views to die for. I would be eating every 10 minutes and still not taste all there is to savour in NYC!

I am so excited to be staying in New York and can't wait to hit the bright lights of NEW YORK NEWWW YORKKK!!

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is Mr P's pick, for us to drink our way along the Bourbon trail and visit the distillery's like Jim Beam and Makers Mark. This is also a great opportunity to get out of the city and take in the beautiful countryside and the southern hospitality.

A trip here won't be complete without a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi River.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans the big easy was not on my list initially but so many people have told me what a fun place it is so we are heading to Bourbon Street for some soul food and jazz music and to see all that this historic town has to offer.

It has been 9 years since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans and I'm sure they need the tourism and for people to feel safe to visit here again.

Las Vegas, Nevada

We're going to Las Vegas baby! Oh yea party time!! Yes I know it's a party town and maybe not the ideal honeymoon destination but Mr P and I already committed to a holiday here with friends so we are sticking to the plan and spending a few nights here in the middle of our trip.

On the to do list is to take a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon, check out the beautiful Bellagio fountain and to visit my favourite artist Michael Godart's art gallery.

San Francisco, California

I've been to San Francisco 15 years ago just for a day and we sailed past the golden gate bridge on the Oriana cruise ship, this time I'd like to walk or ride across it!

I'd also love to go to a baseball game here at AT&T Park and take a tour around Alcatraz.

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels, has been written about in some of my favourite books and it's on my bucket list to see the Hollywood sign and drive on the streets of Beverly Hills in this famous tinsel town.

Some people think that Los Angeles has lost its sparkle but I know I'd regret flying all that way and not stopping off for a few days.

So that's what we have on the itinerary so far.

I've been on Trip Advisor looking into hotels and tours and plan to organise and book everything in the next few weeks.

I'd love some advice from anyone whose been to these places or my lovely US readers .....

Any favourite restaurants or must see places that you recommend for a couple of loved up Aussie's?

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  1. The Louisville, KY one surprised me! You will love a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi! I have not been to California, but I need to change that :) You will LOVE Las Vegas and NYC!!! I was at New Orleans before Katrina, but I want to go back... it really is such a unique place! Oh, I hope you do a separate blog post on each place you visit! Love your travel reviews!!! And is your wedding seriously only 5 months away?!

    1. Why did Louisville surprise you Carrie is it a good place to visit? I'm not really sure what we'll do there besides visit the countryside so would love some advice if you've been there :) I have added your NYC adventures to my ever growing to do list, we have just 3 days in NYC hopefully we can do lots in that time!
      Yes and I havent even started wedding dress shopping yet eeeeeeek!!!!

  2. Oh it all sounds wonderful. I've been to NY and loved Central Park - an oasis of calm in the big city

    1. A picnic in Central Park is one of the first things I want to do after the hectic 20+ hour flight to get there! We may just have a nana nap there too!!

  3. We did USfor our honeymoon!
    We didn't have a great deal of time so just stick with the West Coast.
    We did Vegas, San Fran, LA & then snuck down to Mexico (Playa Del Carmen) for a luxurious relax.
    If you can, schedule in some relax time somewhere as the lead up to the wedding will no doubt be hectic so it's nice to stop for a moment!

    We attended a NBA and and NFL game in Oakland while we were in San Fran and it was really cool! (Sadl the 49'ers were playing away when we were there).

    Make sure you tell all the hotels when you book it's your honeymoon ;-)

    1. Great minds hey Emma! I am thinking of a short 4 day cruise at the end to relax, which goes from LA to Mexico, now to convince the other half to do it :) We are really keen to see some sports too, just trying to find a team playing when we're there. Can't go to USA without having a hotdog at a game right! Thanks for the tip xx


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