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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We Have Subdivision Approval .... With Conditions

Our plans to subdivide our block were approved by the WA Planning Commission recently which was cause for a celebratory dinner a bottle of bubbly and smiles all round in the Jarrah Jungle!

When we purchased our home we knew we wanted to renovate the front house and then subdivide the back block but we were never completely sure that we would get the approval to do so.

We now have the approval in writing and it's such a relief and weight off our shoulders knowing the chance we took as first time home renovators has paid off!

We have a surveyor helping us with the subdivision process so once we received the approval we met with them and they took us through the 11 conditions set by the WAPC.

We are now clear on exactly what we have to do, some of which Mr P and I will do and some the surveyor will take care of.

Most of the conditions are pretty straight forward and achievable although if we want them to reconsider any of the conditions we aren't happy with we have 28 days to lodge a reconsideration.

Thankfully the issues we thought they'd have with our eaves, roof and width of the driveway were not a problem at all - they have approved all of those thank goodness!

What we now need to do is clear the block and get it ready for subdivision.

Starting with getting the tree loppers in to remove a very large ghost gum tree and remove the roots and grind the stump.

We need to dig up all the garden beds and remove the brick retaining around them, not that there is much of a garden left since Lexi the backyard destroyer turned our vegetable and herb gardens into a playground!

We'll dig up any plants that we want to save and transplant them elsewhere.

The other massive job is to remove the Granny Flat.

We have been using the Granny Flat as a garden shed, for storage of furniture and anything that didn't fit into the house. It came in so handy while renovating the house, we used the granny flat shower and toilet when we renovated our bathroom and powder room and when we did the laundry we relocated the washing machine here, it really has been a lifesaver.

If we weren't subdividing we would keep it as I think Granny Flats are becoming quite sought after for large families or elderly parents to use, or you could even rent it out as it's self contained with a kitchenette and bathroom. Ours is pretty old but it did have air conditioning and a foxtel port so it was probably pretty fancy in it's day!

We offered to give the Granny Flat to friends but the cost of removing and transporting it was in the thousands $$$$ so we have instead found a crane/truck driver who is going to take it away for us and in lieu of his services he'll keep it to sell or whatever he wants to do with it.

The big ole rusty Patio also needs to come down.

We've had so many awesome times under that patio, dinner parties, BBQs, late night parties, we even hosted our first Christmas under it. We are going to miss having such a big entertaining space but we have years of happy memories to remember it by!

We are going to ask some friends to help us dismantle the patio, pull all the sheet metal off the roof, remove the massive steel beams, and take all the rubble away.

We also need to knock out the brick retaining walls around the patio and pull down out makeshift screen fence.

Once the Granny Flat and Patio are removed we will pull up and remove all the pavers from under the patio and we are giving those to a friend.

Once the pavers are up we need to remove our concrete septic tanks which unfortunately for us we filled with sand and rubble and all sorts after we decommissioned them as they are not in use anymore.

They are extremely heavy and we'll need some machinery to dig those up and remove them.

The reason they need to be removed is that they can cause the ground to sink and with someone building a house there we can't have that happen so they need to be removed.

We also need to have the power and water supply connected which we have started to fill in the paperwork for.

So that's where we are at now, over the next few weekends we'll be demolishing and clearing the block to meet the conditions and get the subdivision moving along.

I will keep you updated on the blog here and you can also see our projects as they happen on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Goodness! Planning a wedding and all of this, too! You are one busy girl... I had never heard of a Granny Flat before, so interesting!

    1. I know we have a lot to do this year!! A Granny Flat is a bit like a studio, great for teenage kids or grandparents, or even to rent out :)

  2. Exciting times! Congrats on getting the approval notice.


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