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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Granny Flat - Cleared And Ready For Removal

Now that we have approval to subdivide our block our next project is to remove our Granny Flat.

But firstly, we needed to clear and empty it of all that we store inside it, which is a lot because it's like a small 1 bedroom house!

I'm really going to miss our Granny Flat which has saved us throughout our renovations acting as a storage shed, party overflow with beer fridge and music, and the laundry and bathroom helped us when we were renovating ours.

That's the Granny Flat on the left and our house is in front

A better view of the Granny Flat, don't mind Lexi the backyard destroyer's sandpit!

The big question is where to put everything? 

The answer ..... in our garage!

We found some heavy duty shelving units in Bunnings that fit perfectly so we could squeeze in as much storage space as possible.

We assembled two of these bad boys side by side and then over the Easter break we went to work unpacking everything from the Granny Flat and moving it into the Garage.

You couldn't get a more perfect fit if they were custom made!

All the shelves are adjustable too so can be altered to fit whatever goes on them

Everything neat and tidy and easy to get at too

So ..... we like to paint ..... a lot!

Now no screams please, the befores aren't too pretty, in the Granny Flat's living area there was a foxtel port and an air conditioner oh lala fancy!

This was my room where I stored the overflow for the kitchen, camping gear, Christmas decorations, furniture, you name it, it was here!

The kitchen overflow, even with a renovated kitchen I need more space!

My kitchen overflow now fits neatly on this small shelving unit in the garage

Both the bedroom area and kitchenette was Mr P's domain for all his stuff. This shelving rack was a great spot for all the cans, tubes, bottles and bits and pieces. In the cupboard we kept all our gardening supplies and in the drawers spare cables and fittings.

It was really handy to have the sink there as well for washing out paint brushes and dirty working hands.

Kitchenette used for storage - before

Can't say I would cook a meal here but it's empty and ready for something!

Whatever didn't fit in the garage storage is being sold on Gumtree, given to friends, or thrown away. A skip bin has been ordered for a further purge later this month.

I have artworks that I love but they just don't fit on the walls in the house, in my next house I want to have an entire wall with artworks of different shapes and sizes like an art gallery. These are now taking up precious space in my study/craft room until I can find a new home for them!

Art that needs to find a home!
Lexi is never far from the action supervising and getting under our feet!

Now that the Granny Flat is completely empty we will organise for it to be removed with a big truck and crane. The person taking it isn't charging us as they are getting the Granny Flat for free, that's what you call payment in kind!

Now for a final goodbye and tour of the now empty Granny Flat ....

The bathroom

The bedroom with ensuite
The kitchenette
The living area
Back to the start, here's the front door, thanks for the tour!

So now that the Granny Flat is empty our next project is to dismantle the Patio which is attached to the Granny Flat.

Once the Patio is pulled down then we can have the Granny Flat taken away and someone may give it a new lease of life and turn it into their studio or teenagers retreat!

We are making progress slowly but surely and it does feel good to have a clean up and clear out too!

When was the last time you had a good clear out?

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[All images my own]

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  1. What are your plans for the space once the granny flat is gone? Another awesome outdoor area? I really want a cool outdoor lounge area for parties =)

    1. We are clearing the block to subdivide it and sell it so someone can come and build their dream home on it!
      The front of our house will become our outdoor area, we have built a big courtyard to make it private but just need to landscape and furnish it, a new outdoor lounge is on my list too :)

  2. lol! Love how the Granny Flat is just being taken away for someone else to enjoy!! I bet it was nice to have a backup for bathroom/sink, etc. while you renovated your house. Still not sure how you are keeping up with all of this AND planning a wedding :) And, those shelves actually look pretty organized! I just cleaned out our garage shelves last fall and it has been great, because now we can actually find stuff!

    1. I know that's one big upcycle right! It was a lifesaver definately.
      I'm not doing much wedding planning as you can imagine, but I am working on finalising the honeymoon so that will be one big wedding task done!


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