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Hallway With Shoe Cupboard Wallpaper and More

The Hallway is like the lifeline through the house all the 4 bedrooms lead off from it and the bathroom. I can honestly say I've never given my previous Hallways so much attention and TLC as this one and it has certainly taken on its own personality I love how its come together.

Like everything else in the Jarrah Jungle it started life a bit beige and a bit boring. Then the paint brushes came out and the walls were painted Mountain Peak a light grey. All the door frames got a few coats of white - and there are a lot in the Hallway let me tell you, 6 in fact! The ceiling was sanded and painted and this is how it looked.

Hallway before

Hallway painted

The floorboards were filled, sanded and sealed.

Filling the gap in the floorboards

Floorboards sanded back

Lastly they were sealed and came up shiny and smooth

My shoe obsessed dreams came true when we converted one of the hallway cupboards into a shoe closet with a shelving kit complete with racks for my heels and baskets for my flats.

Firstly the cupboard was prepped. the steel hanging bar removed and painted

Painted and ready for the shelving

The brackets going in that hold the shelves

The shelves clip in and are easily adjusted for the right height

Shelves and baskets in now for the shoes

The top jarrah shelf is good for boots, Mr P has a shelf and basket and I get the rest - yes I'm a lucky girl!

We wallpapered the outside of the doors with wallpaper picked up on a trip to Amsterdam for only $5 euros a roll and new handles to finish it off. The linen cupboard is to the left and the shoe cupboard to the right.

Wallpaper, bucket, glue and water and we're ready to get wallpapering

Brushing on the glue and folding it over

Sticking it onto the doors and then cutting around the frames

Measuring to add the new handles

New handles on

I made some diy art for the hallway which I have since repainted a dark grey and added a hallway mirror.

Made some hallway art with some art cards, frames and paint

Hanging up in the hallway

Repainted a dark grey

The hallway mirror was a great find and perfect spot for it by the front door

My long awaited photo wall display is a really cool surprise when you turn the corner and such a great use of space.

I picked my favourite photos and printed them in black and white
and painted all the frames I had black

Frames measured out and hung up

I used some of the leftover wallpaper in a funky Ikea frame and hung in the hallway opposite the bathroom

After many weekends of light shopping I finally picked out a glass pendant light fitting which was installed and fits the space perfectly.

I love that this Hallway is one of a kind - wallpapered, shoe cupboard, photo wall and diy artworks make it a very unique thoroughfare!

[All images my own]
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