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Monday, May 2, 2011

Point and Shoot

When: Friday, 29 April 2011 @ 8.30pm
Where: Friend's House

My weekend consisted mainly of a bit more work on the man cave (ok and a bit of shopping too, I'm only human!) so instead of housey pics I'm sharing with you my Friday night shenanigans of The Royal Wedding watching. My girlfriend organised a girls night in and we had to all turn up wearing tragic op shop bridal attire, I'm talking big shoulder pads, lace sleeves and big headbands. Oh yea we were hot to trot. We all bought a plate of royal food and I managed to find a plate with a horse and carriage on it (you can kind of make it out between the bread and dip) and yes there was fairy bread, it was a fairytale wedding after all :) We watched the Wedding, drank lots of bubbly, and played a Wedding Drinking Game which was hilarious, here are some of the rules ....
  • If the Queen is on the screen you must be drinking. The woman has ruled the country for over 50 years, the least you can do is get destroyed in her honour.
  • Any time Prince Harry appears all players must produce a Nazi salute. The last player to do so must drink.
  • If Elton John is spotted the last person to shout “Candle in the Wind” must drink.
But jokes aside we were all cooing over how absolutely beautiful Kate looked, she really is a true princess and William was so happy he was glowing. It's pretty special to be able to witness such a iconic event.
Pop on over to Sunny + Scout to see how everyone else spent their weekend.
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  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun Michelle! I was bummed that we were on the plane to Perth precicely as the good bits of the wedding began. Thanks for joining in!!

  2. oooh sounds amazing! i wish we could have had a girls watch party. here in the states, i woke up at 4am before work to watch... it was a loooong day for me! ;)

  3. Ha! Love it! What a fab idea for a game :)
    I'd so be the one on the floor before the balcony pash..

  4. Oh I totally forgot to play the drinking game!

    Bet it was a verrrryyyy fun night!

  5. How much fun. It's not a party without fairy bread!!!


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