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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Living Room - Teal Updates

Before I get all caught up in the next reveal of the Man Cave I thought I'd better show you the finishing touches on the Living Room which Mr P and I worked our butts off on over the Christmas summer holidays. This room is the biggest renovation yet we ...

Just to refresh your memory this is what it looked like BEFORE ... bye-bye purple haze

And this is how it looks NOW ... hello leather and pistachio goodness

What a difference the new colour scheme makes, the purple seemed to close the room in whereas the light grey on the walls and green feature colour makes the room feel really fresh and modern. The media wall is fantastic behind the TV it really defines the area.

The green glass coffee table was a good compromise on the 'all glass' coffee table that I initially wanted, this one is a lot more practical as it has drawers which are perfect for my expanding magazine collection.

This is the first room you walk into when you enter the house and sets the tone for the rest of the home so I love how welcoming and vibrant this room has turned out to be. This is what I love about renovating, totally changing the look and feel of a room and making it your own.

Still on the wish list is .... a round side table either mirrored or glass and some more art for the walls (there's always something on the wishlist!)

[All images my own]
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  1. Oh Hon..what a looks awesome! And I LOVE the green rug..nice punch of colour with being OTT..the only thing I would suggest..would be to place your coffee table going in the same direction as the make it look more balanced? Its coming along so nicely...good skills and hubby should feel very proud! x

  2. that does look SSOOO much better! that rug looks so soft! i love accent walls too. amazing transformation. thanks for stopping by today :) andiejaye @ crayonfreckles

  3. Great job, looks so much fresher!

  4. The new color scheme is great, the room looks much more open.


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