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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My BirthWeek

Yes you read that right its my Birthweek (not Birthday 24 hours just aint enough time!) I tend to milk it for about a week and treat myself to a few days off work and take some me time, some girly time with friends, some family time and of course some romancing time with my gorgeous man. This Birthday I'm feeling a little strange ... I'll be stepping over the 30 line ... yep this sprightly youngster is turning 31. Surprised aren't you? That can't possibly be my age? As you squint at my little profile pic! What can I say I owe my youthful appearance to my freckles and good genes from my folks  :)

My 30th last year was a big celebration so this year I'm playing it down a bit no huge party planned but still a decent amount of spoiling over the next few days. Starting tomorrow I'm taking a few days off work, treating myself to a massage, then a romantic night in the Swan Valley with my gorgeous man and we're having a degustation dinner with matching wines which I've wanted to do for sooooooo long, catching up with my folks, drinks with friends, and of course a bit of retail therapy thrown in.

A few celebrations and spoilings definately makes the thought of getting 1 year older a lot more enjoyable. I'm always one to celebrate the small things in life any excuse to bring out the bubbly and say CHEERS!

How do you spoil yourself on your Birthday?

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  1. Happy belated!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!! :)


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