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Monday, March 26, 2012

Buns of Steel

I always think I'll start a fitness regime on a Monday - Mondays are great days to start something aren't they being the start of the week and turn of a new leaf and all that jazz

But then Monday comes and goes and my sneakers are still in the shoe cupboard barely worn and my cross trainer is gathering dust in the Man Cave (after a lot of whinging on my part to get it into the house this is not a win on my part!)

So what to do about it? Well the thought of planning a holiday cruise has definitely got me motivated to work on those buns of steel - sitting poolside in my bikini or dressing up in an evening dress I want to feel taunt and toned not wobbly and self conscious. I don't care what the bathroom scales tell me or the tape measure around my bits - so long as I start to exercise and feel good about myself that's all I really care about.

Starting today the sneakers are out and buns of steels are on their way ... I'm talking a brisk walk nothing too strenuous but still it's a start ... Wish me luck!

[All images via Pinterest]
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  1. Pinterest: Your daily purveyor of Buns Of Steel:)

  2. Ooh, go for it! I would like those buns of steel too!

  3. Oh to have a butt like those photos above!! I seriously need to start exercising, am terribly unfit and keep putting it off - still trying to work out how to best fit it in to life with two littlies... :) Good luck with your new regime! x

  4. I got my sneakers out and went for a walk yesterday too, and gym today! Good luck with your buns of steel, I would love me a set of them too!!


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