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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yet Another Chair Change Up

I'm now onto my 3rd chair change up for the craft room

I first started with this jarrah framed armchair that I bought at a work auction (as a set of 6) with the intention of recovering the poo brown fabric but I never got around to doing it, so I decided to sell them all as a set on Gumtree

Then along came a pair of these leather recliners which came as a set with the 3 seater leather recliner that we got for the man cave. I tried to make it work by softening it with a throw rug and asking readers for advice on if it should stay or go go and decided it should go - I also managed to resell the pair on Gumtree 

So while I'm undecided about what style of chair will work in this room, for now I've put a coffee table with coushins on top so I can sit and it also has a handy shelf for my big photo albums that don't fit on the bookcase.

What I'd really like is some sort of bench seat or ottoman that doubles as storage as realistically I only sit for a few minutes while flipping through cookbooks looking for inspiration

So I guess it's back to searching Gumtree .... Hey, at least I'm recyling!
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  1. Yes you are recycling! Speaking of which, Husband and kids just left with a trailer and station wagon full of stuff from Deep Fried Fruit land to sell at Trash and Treasure stall this morning. NO lovely chairs for you in there though. I'm not overly good at interior design but when I look at your room I see big chunky white wicker with soft throw rug and a cushion.

  2. A seat with storage would be perfect. I love furniture that has multiple uses. There is always need for more storage!

    I love your fleur-de-lis rug. My whole bedroom set and accessories used to be that pattern so I got sick of it. Just last week I bought out the quilt again after a three month break!

  3. An ottoman with storage would great - it can be hard finding just the right piece sometimes can't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read so I'm now following you :)

  4. I think your room looks great!!! i love my baskets under the tables and storage benches...I have all kids of stuff in there!!
    have fun decorating!

  5. Good old Gumtree - I've found some great things on there lately and have aheap to list myself - I figure if I sell some things, I don't feel as bad buying some things too :) Where is that lovely teal throw above from? Am after something similar...


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